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Published on December 27, 2020

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Photo by Sarah Elliott

It’s no secret that New York’s Hudson Valley is happening. Since the start of the pandemic, an ever-growing group of country-curious folk have headed upstate in search of space and a rural respite to call their own. Whether you are fixing up an old farmhouse or just looking to bring some of that woodsy charm home, Lisa Przystup’s new book, Upstate: Living Spaces With Space to Live, is the ultimate inspiration. Photographed by Sarah Elliott, the coffee-table read is an intimate glimpse into homes throughout the Hudson Valley, each bursting with designs as individual as their owners. (One even has spinning artwork!) 

We flipped through Upstate and talked to Przystup about the pieces that collectively capture the relaxed spirit of New York country living. Here’s how to build your own brand of cozy, no matter your location or design style, just in time for the chilliest season.

Minimalism, But Make It Warm

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Photo by Sarah Elliott

Contemporary doesn’t have to mean cold, especially when a space is outfitted in nubby wools and handsome woods, like in this serene Ancram living room, where stark sensibilities combine with cozy comforts.

“If I had to pick one common thread from the book, I’d say that each space utilizes wood in a really beautiful way—it’s the grounding element throughout,” says Przystup. This walnut beauty, with its rich texture and understated shape, fits right in.

Nothing softens up a pared-down space like a camel wool throw—especially one that’s thick and velvety to the touch.  

We’ve never met a drinks table we didn’t like, and the wood-grain pattern in this concrete design instantly transports us to the Great North.

Przystup says she turns to Hawkins New York for “all the pretty things,” like this candleholder, which she fills with the brand’s colorful tapers. The matte black finish elevates any table, even if you’re just warming up leftovers. 

Weathered and Rustic

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Photo by Sarah Elliott

Fuzzy textiles, exposed wood beams, and aged accents throughout make this Hamden home a rustic retreat—inviting, warm, and beautifully imperfect. 

Sheepskins are the most effortless way to make your space feel like a big hug. Put them on everything.

This birch bench comes with options: Go rustic and leave the finish as is or stain it your hue of choice.

Store your firewood (or magazines or rolled-up blankets) in a log hoop so sculptural and modern that you’ll start to feel like you live in a chic chalet up north, even if you’re a city dweller. 

Sure, these mini logs are technically made for starting fires, but we also think they’d give any space a touch of woodsy realness when stacked in a corner.

Modern Farmhouse 

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Photo by Sarah Elliott

Home to Przystup and her husband, this Delhi retreat is a thoughtful collection of old and new designs, seamlessly marrying original details, like the exposed beams, with contemporary pieces, such as a sculptural armchair and a sofa with major modernist vibes. 

Rattan and black wood make for a cool combo, especially against more barn-ish elements such as reclaimed wood walls or shiplap. 

Tree stumps had their design moment, but this clean-lined version offers a modern twist. It adds an extra seat to a table or is a sweet spot to warm your feet by the fire. 

With its earthen texture and organic-shaped base, this table lamp has an artisanal hand-touched look that adds depth to a space. 

Owning a shag rug is like having a blanket for your feet at all times. And what’s more hygge than that? 

La Vie Bohème

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Photo by Sarah Elliott

This Accord living room effortlessly blends different styles and materials (from patchwork pillows to mid-century furniture), resulting in a relaxed energy.

The best of rustic and refined, this wall lamp is a reminder that, often, less is more.

A little bit boho and a whole lot of nostalgia: A patchwork pillow fits almost any color scheme.

Sling stools incite major fireside vibes. Style them into your permanent regime, or pull them out of the closest when you need additional seating. 

Some consistency is key—either in color or material—when creating a harmonious space. In a room full of honey-hued woods like this one, this camel-colored accent chair is a stylish complement.

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