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If you’re not already obsessed with Cult Gaia, you’re about to be. The Los Angeles-based accessories line, which got its start selling cool-girl flower crowns, is now a full-fledged business that includes Cult Guy, a collection of printed button downs for men.

Founder Jasmin Larian’s latest endeavor is launching—and designing— a summer pop-up shop located at Platform, Culver City’s latest shopping hotspot. Keep reading to learn what inspired Larian’s store design and make sure to stop by before the end of June.

What inspired you to open a pop-up?

“Our business is mainly e-commerce and although the reach is greater, it isn’t a tangible experience and so much of what I love about design and beautiful objects is texture, details and touch essentially. I wanted to give our customers the experience of being immersed in a space that is breathing our brand.”

Would you ever consider a permanent store?

“Never say never. It’s really so special to be able to actually interact with customers, it’s become a novelty.”

Why Platform?

“The Runyon boys, David and Joey, are doing such an innovative job curating the space and are super selective in who they bring in which was really attractive to me. Also, a bonus is that my cousin Chelsea (co-founder of Tappan Collective) and other cousin Jonathan (co-founder of Sweetgreen) are in the space, so it’s a family affair.”

How are you balancing your two brands now? (Congrats!) When did Cult Guy officially launch?

Cult Guy launched in February and the challenge of balancing both brands is exciting. The core of both brands is beautiful prints and textiles so it makes it easy to fuel the other.”

What products can people expect to find in the space?

“We really only make things that make you look twice. Nothing is basic and most of our pieces are standout, unique accessories and clothing that will transform your look. We also sell a select number of items that will just make your space more beautiful, like a brass stapler.”

Any plans to expand the brand further in the future?

“We are expanding into handbags with our Gaia’s Ark (sold out!) and more to come.”

When did you decide you would be designing the space yourself?

“Designing and being creative is my favorite part of what I do, so as much as I can do it myself I will.”

What was the most important to you when designing the space?

“Making the space feel masculine and feminine at the same time. Inviting, feel good, and of course to make you look twice.”

Where did you pull inspiration from?

“I have a wall in my office of inspo I’ve pulled over time so it was a mish mosh of so many things I love like contrast, bold colors, playing with scale and obviously beautiful plants.”

What’s your favorite design aspect of the space?

“I love the contrast of pink and green so definitely that and I love the scale of the shelves. Also so obsessed with the vintage curved wooden and brass chairs.”

Tell me about the neon light! 

“I have a guy who fabricates it for me, his name is Eddie (at Best Buy Neon Signs). We chose “this must be the place” because of the infamous Talking Heads song, which really was like the theme song for some of the best moments in my life. It’s also so feel good and resonates.”

There are so many plants! Which type of houseplant is your current favorite?

“Monstera!!! They are the easiest to take care of and the roots and leaves are so unique.”