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Photography by HONESTLY YUM

When it comes to crudité platters, more is always more. Don’t be afraid to stack the board with as many greens and fresh veggies as you can find! This colorful bunch features everything from radishes and artichokes to radicchio and mushrooms. Use the smaller variety of vegetables such as tomatoes or mini peppers to fill out the holes within the board. Sprinkle in a handful of edible flowers, herbs, or sprigs of greens to balance out the overall look.

This mouthwatering platter is paired with a vegan green dressing derived from a cocktail of herbs such as tarragon, chives, and basil.

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Head over to the farmer’s market to source the most fresh vegetables locally available. Pair veggies with dips vibrant in color and pronounced in flavor. For a more organic feel, leave on the leaves of radishes and carrots when setting the platter.

Photography by LOVE AND LEMONS

Pair veggies such as heirloom carrots, radishes, and broccoli with an eclectic assortment of spreads and dips. Here, a spinach hemp seed pesto and a white bean dill dip, provide a rich layer of flavor to the greens. Couple with mini slices of cheese, dried cranberries for a touch of sweetness, and nuts for added crunch.

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Balance out the crisp freshness of the veggies in a crudite platter with a handful of deep-fried options. We’re talking zucchini blossoms, asparagus, and essentially whatever else your heart desires! This picture-perfect platter features heirloom tomatoes and carrots, artichokes, snap peas, and more! Served with a side of a yogurt-based avocado ranch, this bunch is too good to miss out on.

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Going for a more formal arrangement that can also double as a personal one? Consider this the be-all and end-all of

summer appetizers

With a beet puree hummus and an eclectic mix of veggies, this stunning spread embodies farm fresh elegance.


The secret to a great crudité platter aside from sourcing from the freshest ingredients? Color! Whether it’s derived from the vegetables or the dip, it’s always safe to err on the more saturated side of things. This vibrant bunch features a bold beet spread which complements the surrounding shades of the radishes and carrots.

Photography by designlovefest

Summer fruit such as grapes and figs can offer bold flavors and hints of sweetness against the savory crispness of the veggies. The saturated color scheme is definitely an added bonus! Coupled with a side of cucumber tzatiki, this assorted mix can be made ahead and served at room temperature.

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Photography by VANILLA AND BEAN

Organize your crudite platter by color for a vibrant display that is perfect for summer! Spiralize heirloom carrots for a playful twist, to add a dynamic texture to the platter.

Photography by CAMILLESTYLES

Using a mandoline, slice radishes into thin slivers and sprinkle with freshly squeezed lemon juice for a burst of flavor. Once you have gathered all the vegetables for the crudité platter in one place, garnish with a handful of ribbon-sliced basil leaves. This summer-fresh platter is paired with a delicious homemade Caesar dressing.

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Photography by MARKET 71

Classic crudite meets the antipasto platter in this abundant arrangement filled with an array of snackable treats. Strawberries and ribboned basil, apple slices garnished with blue cheese, and an eclectic mix of garden veggies complete this platter, which even the pickiest of eaters won’t be able to resist!

Photography by STYLE ME PRETTY

Set out mini crudite shooters for your next cocktail party for an easy round of appetizers that will surely please. Allocate about 3 tablespoons of a dip or spread at the bottom of a narrow glass and pair with seasonal veggies of your choice. Refrigerate the shooters and serve chilled!


When serving a crudite platter and cheese board side by side, mix in elements from one into the other. Case in point? Set dipping bowls of mini cucumbers and tomatoes onto the cheese plate, and fresh fruit or slices of cheese onto the crudite platter. Conjoining these ingredients will impart a more cohesive feel to the overall look of the display.


Slice watermelon radishes into thin pieces and serve on a platter in delicate rolls. This saturated display features a creamy white miso dip and sweet hints of honey!

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Photography by MILLY’S KITCHEN

Farm-to-table never looked this good. Seasonal vegetables such as radicchio and heirloom carrots pair perfectly with a Moroccan-inspired dip composed of yogurt and an exotic spice blend.

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Photography by TASTESPOTTING

For the no-fuss minimalist, this “deconstructed” crudite platter features a curated set of fresh vegetables, drawn for their firm level of crunch and bold flavor.

Photography by KALE AND CARAMEL

At the most basic level, no crudité platter would be complete sans cucumbers and radishes. Stunning color schemes aside, the refreshing and crunchy qualities of the two epitomize the essence of crudité. This modest pairing (pictured) features a black sesame seed garnish, a miso edamame hummus, and a handful of sugar snap peas.

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