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white chocolate peppermint cookies Chocolate chip cookie meets peppermint bark, in this delightfully chewy treat speckled with sea salt and a hint of toffee.

pumpkin pie cookies
We’re always in favor of repurposing holiday staples into cookie form, especially when the one in question happens to be pumpkin pie. These soft and chewy treats feature the infamous flavors of pumpkin spice, topped with a maple-almond frosting and toasted pecans.

snickerdoodles These sweet and simple cinnamon-sugar dusted treats more or less capture the warmth and bold flavors of the season.

chocolate hazelnut and caramel stuffed brownie cookies These indulgent treats are generously topped with the most delicious pomegranate, sea salt sugar to complement the bold chocolate hazelnut filling.

peppermint marshmallow sandwich cookies A fluffy marshmallow center (with a refreshing hint of peppermint!) sandwiched between two brownie cookies.

crunchy peanutpepper cookies
This isn’t your ordinary peanut butter cookie recipe. With a spicy kick of cayenne pepper and a pinch of salt, these crunchy-chewy goodies are a must-try.

homemade mallomars  These classic treats feature a cake-like cookie base topped with a homemade marshmallow, and drenched in the most decadent coat of chocolate.

mini chocolate thumbprint cookies With a molten fudge center and a dash of seasonal sprinkles, these chocolate sugar cookies make for the perfect bite-sized (read: you can eat a whole bunch) treats.

the best ever chocolate chip cookie What makes this version better than the rest? Well, the golden brown, crispy edges and gooey center make a good start, but it’s the pinch of sea salt that really seals the deal.

nutella cookies A classic spread recreated in a delectably crispy, cookie form. We truly can’t ask for anything more.

mexican hot chocolate cookies Chocolate and spice go hand-in-hand in this decadent treat, inspired by the sweet and spicy holiday drink.

speculoos buttons You may devour the spread by the spoonful, but these crunchy, spice-filled cookies (with a powdered sugar glaze!) just might become your new favorite.

fresh mint dark chocolate truffle cookies Chocolate and mint make for the perfect pair in this indulgently crispy treats, garnished with a deliciously candied mint.

lavender shortbread wreaths Mouthwatering cookies with a hint of lavender, dunked in a delicious glaze, and dressed with a vibrant set of delicate toppers.

rosemary and salted caramel linzer cookies These sugar-dusted goodies include a unique flavor pairing of hazelnuts, caramel, and the most refreshing hint of fresh rosemary.