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Created by director, designer, and illustrator Clemens Habicht, the 1000 Colours Jigsaw Puzzle puts a technicolor twist on traditional jigsaws. The polychromatic puzzle doubles as a CMYK color gamut, making it perfect for puzzle masters and color connoisseurs alike.

Each tile that composes the unique puzzle represents a single tone from the CMYK color model, a reference related to the types of inks used in the printing process. As the puzzle is void of any figurative clues or recognizable details, individuals must rely on an “intuitive sense of color” to complete it.

While it may seem intimidating, this strategy is what makes the 1,000 Colours Jigsaw Puzzle so special. “What is strange is that unlike ordinary puzzles where you are in effect redrawing a specific picture from a reference,” Clemens explains, ” you have a sense of where every piece belongs compared to every other piece.”  When finished, a rainbow gradient appears, showcasing the boundless beauty of the CMYK spectrum.

If you’d like to try your hand at this challenging-yet-soothing color puzzle, you can pick one up in the My Modern Met Store.

When complete, a gorgeous gradient appears!

This story originally appeared on My Modern Met.

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