classic winter soups we’ll always crave

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By Emily Dorward

creamy butternut squash soup with sherry

Sherry brings a bit of depth to this standby, making sure it goes down smooth.

french onion soup

Few things are so simultaneously leisurely and luxurious as French Onion soup on a cold. As this recipe so aptly states, the key ingredient to a perfect French onion soup is time. Remember you can’t rush perfection.

curried cauliflower soup

Need a hearty healthy meal on a shoestring budget? This recipe fits the bill – most of the ingredients are probably already in your pantry.

blushing new england fish chowder

Chunks of chorizo and flaky fish fill out this flavorful soup that tastes just as good as it looks.

coconut and pumpkin soup

Few things are so autumnally appropriate as pumpkin. This recipe is smoothly pureed reinvention of an oft-rehashed classic.

roasted carrot soup

The rich color of this soup belies its simplicity. It requires only seven ingredients and half an hour.

slow roasted vine tomato & kabocha soup

The textbook winter soup: tomato with a side of grilled cheese. Perfect after a morning crafting this year’s snowman.

clam chowder risotto

This take on clam chowder gives the classic all due reverence while making a few key substitutions. Crispy prosciutto in lieu of crackers, for instance.

tuscan white bean soup

Sometimes simple is best. This one-pot soup is easy to prepare, and can be adapted to be either smooth and creamy or chunky and broth-based.

garlic soup

If you’ve had just about enough of squash and pumpkin, take comfort in this unexpected recipe, whose flavor will fortify you against the frost.

chunky root vegetable soup with gruyere herb croutons

Vegetable drawer rejects in a starring role? Why not? There is nothing dodgy about this delicious recipe, or its perfect topper, cheesy sourdough croutons.

potato leek and fennel soup

Leek and lemon make this take on potato soup lighter than standard. And so is a welcome respite from winter’s heavier fare.

chestnut and crab soup

The chestnuts evoke nights by the fireside, and are a good foil for fresh crab.

creamy wild rice and mushroom soup

A creamy soup with a rich body that is sure to soothe the soul.

cauliflower hazelnut soup with fried sage

Cauliflower may be the base, but it’s the fried sage that takes center stage.