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San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

Puerto Rico offers all the perks of a Caribbean vacation at a fraction of the price. From its picturesque beaches and colorful, mosaic neighborhoods, old San Juan is rich in cultural heritage that will provide you with an abundance of low-cost activities. Gourmet food – think ceviche, tostones and pasteles – is available on every corner, and will give you serious bang for your buck.

Antigua, Guatemala

For diverse adventures at a fraction of the price, look no further than Antigua. Surrounded by volcanoes, sandy beaches, and pristine jungles, Antigua has all the charm of a colonial city with adventures for days (or weeks!). An extra perk? It is conveniently located near Guatemala City, which is home to some of the country’s best museums and galleries. Guate carries on with an energy unlike any other.

Bali, Indonesia

Affordable rooms, local meals and activities reward those brave enough to leave the typical tourist hubs in Indonesia, but low prices are just one of the many reasons to visit Bali. The Indonesian province magically blurs the line between beach getaway and mountain retreat. Beautiful scenery – rice terraces at Jatiluwih, sunrises at Mount Batur and pristine waves at Padang Padang Beach – meet the perfect climate in this island paradise.

La Paz, Mexico

Although tourists normally think of Cancun or Puerto Vallarta when picturing Mexican vacations, La Paz offers visitors the quintessential Mexican experience. Enjoy authentic food while enjoying the town’s old-school beauty. Truly, it’s no coincidence that “La Paz” means peace in Spanish. In between camping out at the beach or strolling through the town’s main square, enjoy inexpensive day trips to Cabo Pulmo National Park and Todos Santos.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Ranking high on backpacker’s itineraries, Marrakesh is brimming with lively markets, palaces and mosques that will awaken anyone’s sense of adventure. Spend your nights in a traditional Moroccan riad for a small cost. During the day, explore the Medina streets, eat delicious food and enjoy amazing (and free!) performances from street artists while wandering through the souks.