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Tulips for the table. Eggs for dipping, dunking, decorating, and hiding. Treats for devouring. Speaking of treats, we’ve got an assortment of mouthwatering goodies that will have even those peep-devotees branching out.

Better than a trophy: A soft and snuggly bunny to celebrate her neighborhood egg hunt victory.

The hardest part about the “thank you” note is finding a card that says it all. Dare we say that this stack of pastel macarons will get the job done.

Hard-boiled. Dunked. Dyed. Show off your delicate creations by setting them in a ceramic stoneware dish.

The ultimate veggie delight. A crepe-paper carrot filled with trinkets, quotes, and Easter treats.

Sweet, gooey, melt-in-your mouth caramels paired with natural peanut butter and sea salt. (Buy extras.)

Move over cake pops, these are the next big thing: five pretzel rods layered with creamy white chocolate, vanilla cookie crumbles, and colorful sprinkles. Worth celebrating? We’d say so.

A dozen egg-cellent ways to show Sunday brunch guests to their seats.

Though no bigger than your thumb, these nine decadently filled chocolate bunnies come nestled inside a pretty purple box.

Along came two ceramic bunnies adding just the right hint of Easter to that tabletop decor.

The irresistible combo of dark chocolate and lightly salted pecans never fails to entice. Great for giving. Even better for digging into at home.

Fifteen delicate French confections that are colorful and oh-so-flavorful. (Oh, and packaged with a side of vanilla marshmallows.) Dream. Come. True.

Think outside the chocolate box. These hollow treats will win you over in one nibble.

Prepare your tastebuds for this flavorful matchup: soft butter caramel, organic pecans, and creamy milk chocolate.

Don’t fret, Little Bo Peep, we’ve got our own fluffy friend for stashing jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and other treats.