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Ready to break out the margarita machine? Good plan. Here are some additional ideas for making this May 5 a serious fiesta.

Don’t want to double dip? Serve everyone their own mini layered dip topped with a chip. Plus, a no-fuss cleanup!

Line the bar cart with multi-colored Jarritos.  The bottle has an old-school feel, and the rainbow hues serve as their own type of décor.

Take the décor from the ceiling to the table with these festive piñata cookies. Have a bite of this multi-colored treat and enjoy while the candies spill out.

Strawberry jalapeno margaritas, anyone? Sprinkle the rim with salt, and this fresh beverage will be sure to impress. Added bonus: it’s bound to have a kick.

Stuff everyone’s favorite dessert into a petite package, and help yourself to some chocolate dipping sauce. One churro is just not enough.

All in moderation. Pair a tequila bar with striped straws and mini tacos atop a lime slice. Which will you grab first? Decisions, decisions…

End the night with strawberry margarita cupcakes. Top with sea salt and a lime for an extra garish. Ole!