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by Michelle Gage

There is no denying the impact that a stunning chandelier can make in any room. We are particularly keen on seeing these beauties hanging over a delightful dining room table. There are lots of options available and knowing which one is best for your space can be a challenge. Keep in mind that this is an area that is worth the splurge. Charm your dinner guests by hosting a gathering underneath your glorious statement piece–forever. Ahead, twenty-one splurge-worthy options worth considering, and investing in.

A warm brass and glass piece is fairly neutral in tone, making it easy to outfit in any space. Try this decadent style over your large round table. It almost resembles a firework, giving a mighty impact to your room.

Perfect if you are a lover of all things industrial. This piece, with a perfect patina, adds a touch of moodiness to your space. The oversized bulbs give it character and make it stand out from the pack. These twenty bulbs are sure to brighten up any space it is in.

Nod to lighting of the past with this torch-like piece. A warm brass tone and streamlined shape make for a stunning chandelier. Give your dining room a glow that guests are sure to gravitate towards. Let these six lights set your place apart from the rest.

If you are looking for a short, yet spectacular option, look no further. This polished nickel piece doesn’t let its height hold it back. Its design can certainly stand up to the rest of the options we’ve wrangled. This starburst will not go unnoticed in your space.

Consider this bird cage inspired chandelier your new dining room focal point. White beads dangle down this elegant frame. It is almost hard to believe that something so beautiful is equally functional.

We suggest that you try chainmail. This piece has staying power, as if it’s adding a layer of jewelry to your home. It is truly destined to live over your farmhouse table.

There is something about blown glass globes that we never tire of. This is a truly magnificent piece and works perfectly hanging over your longer dining room table. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t into this look.

This bright beacon comes in many colors. Freshen up your neutral space with a healthy kick. Your dining room is the perfect place to get away with a bold hint of hot pink.

This piece is on the lower end of being a splurge. This simple design is molded into a pretty unique shape. Curvaceous and uncomplicated, this chandelier is great if you are living a minimalist lifestyle. No fuss here.

Bohemian decor

lovers rejoice! This chandelier is made up of many natural wood beads. Strung together, this chandelier is sure to make your houseguests insanely jealous.

Bring on the beads! This trend in lighting is totally coming back. White crackle resin beads drape delicately over this non-fussy frame. This chandelier features twelve bulbs, making is an obvious winner to hang over your dining room table.

Birds of a feather flock together! These eighteen glass doves are perfectly perched around this brushed brass ring. For a totally unexpected look, we suggest this chandelier. Guests will gawk at the beauty that lives above your dining table.

Since brass has some serious staying power, we had to present this option. Featuring an adjustable rod, this piece was made for homes with lower ceilings.

Have you ever seen something so magical? This chandelier is in a class all of its own. It features fifty-two clear vintage glass bottles. It is so breathtaking, we almost forgot it also functions as a light.

Create a little drama over your dining room table. This starburst shape is sure to get guests talking.

Blue beads and weathered ropes combine to create this ocean-inspired piece. These sea glass beads look like this droplets of water. This piece is great option for your (future) vacation home.

This sharp piece packs a punch, truly one of a kind.

Sometimes simplicity is worth splurging on. Host a hand assembled piece above your dining room table. We can guarantee there will be questions on where you found such a fab item.

This coral-inspired piece is giving us some serious mermaid vibes. Dive deep (into your wallet) to acquire this rare find.

Teal provides a terrific pop in your dining room. Get a lush and leafy piece into your place, STAT!

This drool-worthy chandelier looks like a bouquet of upside-down tulips. Its neutral shades keep it classic and easy to put in your place.