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More and more, we’re seeing design enthusiasts take decorating matters into their own hands, finding ways to customize the look and feel in their spaces. And when it comes to personalizing the home, investing in custom decor—whether it’s unique upholstery, accent pieces, or drapery—can truly set apart your spaces.

Our limited-edition fabric collection, available through Calico, is a testament to that bespoke look and feel. We understand that working with textiles and the ability to tailor them to your decor needs can often feel like an inaccessible luxury, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, bringing in your favorite fabrics and patterns is the easiest way to make your home feel distinctly you.

Not sure where to start? In addition to stocking a wide selection of affordable designer fabrics, Calico offers free design consultations as well as upholstery services that make it easy to customize your space and decor to perfectly suit your style and needs. You can match a fabric to a Calico frame or use its reupholstery service, which offers pickup and delivery. So if you were under the impression that a custom look was out of your budget or capabilities, we’re here to tell you it’s just the opposite. Here are a few tips to help you get started on customizing your space and decor.

Know Where to Go for Design Help

Photo by Cody Guilfoyle

We often hear from design enthusiasts that while they love the idea of custom furnishings, they never know where to start on their own or, more importantly, where to go for answers to all their questions. If that resonates with you, don’t worry—it’s a common design dilemma. It’s also one that Calico’s design consultants can help with, from suggesting window treatments to mixing and matching fabrics to designing your dream bedroom. (And their advice is free.) They can resolve these design hurdles and even manage your custom project from start to installation. And if you simply just need to brainstorm your ideas, they can offer you the professional lens to help make your vision even more distinct.

Think Beyond the Sofa

Photo by Jesse Williams for Diana Parrish Design and Photography

When we talk about upholstery, our minds tend to immediately go to the sofa—the anchoring piece in a room. However, custom fabrics can have numerous applications, and you just have to get creative. Some of our favorites include ottomans and accent chairs, both of which you can add skirts to because who doesn’t love a kick pleat?

Play Up the Small Things

If you love the look of an upholstered piece in an eye-catching color or pattern but are hesitant about how much you’ll like the fabric, start small. For instance, have throw pillows made in a color or pattern you love. Just determining size, insert type, and specifying details like the welting seen on the pillows here, will provide you with simple accents that have the custom look and feel while quelling your fear of commitment to one hue or print.

Another easy and affordable option? Try custom roman shades, which make for pretty focal points that draw the eye upward in a room—not to mention, a series of brightly patterned roman shades can instantly liven up such practical spaces as a kitchen or a bathroom. If you’re still not ready to take the leap, Calico has a fabric approval plan that lets you take home a large sample for a few days to see how it works before committing to a purchase.

Always Prioritize Your Needs

Photo by Jesse Williams for Diana Parrish Design and Photography

It’s easy to fall for a fabric, but make sure what you do with that fabric fits the vision you have for your space. For a layered, bohemian vibe, try painterly florals and relaxed seating frames. For a polished look, consider coordinating prints to pair on mid-century or traditional silhouettes. And when it comes to drapes, think about if they’re for practical or decorative use. Do you want privacy or glare control? Are they meant to serve as a neutral backdrop or as a vibrant pop of color and pattern in a room? Custom is all about what you want, so take the time to consider the best use for your fabrics, in addition to look and feel, to achieve a room that’s uniquely yours. 

Need some serious design guidance? Visit Calico to explore its free design consultations and upholstery services along with our limited-edition fabric collection.