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I travel—a lot. Just last week I was in North Carolina. The week before that? Mexico. And the week before that? San Francisco. At this point, I’ve got packing down to a fine art. That’s not to say I’m perfect: Recently I forgot to bring my daily contact lenses, and another time, a phone charger never made it into my bag. But I never, ever—ever!—forget to pack my Cadence capsules. 

I first tried them out a couple of years ago on a camping trip, where I filled up four of the recycled plastic containers with shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, and vitamins. Each one comes with a custom label—you can choose words or icons—so you know exactly what’s inside, and the labels are magnetic, so you can swap them out. I tossed them in my bag and got in the car.

Courtesy of Cadence

When I say that not a drop of shampoo leaked in my bag—it was as if I had discovered the Fort Knox of shampoo carrying. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could escape the tight seal of the screw cap. At .56 ounces each, I had enough hair care for my entire two-day trip (and then some). Plus the wide mouth means they’re easy to fill, unlike the drugstore squeeze bottles I bought that had a very tiny opening and were impossible to add to with anything thicker than shampoo. 

Since that trip, I’ve used them on multiple vacations; and at home, I use them to store pills and jewelry. I thought I couldn’t be happier with my capsules—but this week, the brand released a new line called the Capsule Flex System that’s definitely bigger, and might just be better.

The Cadence Capsule Flex System

cadence capsules in lavender
The Bestseller Bundle, Cadence ($132 was $152)

The new Capsule Flex System has a bigger circumference than the O.G. containers, and there are three different sizes: .56 ounces (same as the original capsules, but it’s wider and flatter); 1.32 ounces (for shampoo and supplements); and 2.75 ounces, which you make from combining a medium-size container with an extender that enlarges it. 

The extender is by far the coolest part of the collection because it allows for flexibility. For example, if you don’t need that much shampoo for a trip, you can take apart the large size, remove the extender, and transform the container into a much smaller carrying case. 

Courtesy of Cadence

The capsules come in eight millennial-minded colors, like terracotta and petal (a dusty pink), and you don’t have to stick to just one hue when you build a seven-pack. As you choose your shades, you can also choose your labels, which are fully customizable, though the existing list is pretty thorough, from jewelry to lube. There’s even a set of seven that has the days of the week—chicest pillbox ever?

Before, I would have been the person who, rather than overstuffing a Stasher bag with toiletries, would say, “Screw it; I’ll buy minis when I get there.” But never again. Now I’ll fill my Cadence containers with everything I need; stick them all together because, yes, the capsules themselves are magnetic; and head off to wherever, knowing I’ll arrive mess-free.

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