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I haven’t traveled internationally in nearly two years, and my airline status has taken a serious nosedive since the pandemic—and yet I’ve just discovered one of the most useful, how-did-I-not-try-sooner travel products of all time: Cadence capsules.

On a recent camping trip with friends, I filled up four of the plastic containers with shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, and vitamins. Each one comes with a custom label—you can choose words or icons—so you know exactly what’s inside, and the labels are magnetic, so you can swap them out. I tossed them in my bag and got in the car.

When I say that not a drop of shampoo leaked in my bag—it was as if I had discovered the Fort Knox of shampoo carrying. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could escape the tight seal of the screw cap. At .56 ounces each, I had enough hair care for my entire two-day trip (and then some). Plus the wide mouth means they’re easy to fill, unlike the drugstore squeeze bottles I bought that had a very tiny opening and were impossible to add to with anything thicker than shampoo. 


Courtesy of Cadence

And not that I brought jewelry on a camping trip, but I suddenly imagined a world in which my huggie earrings and chain necklaces wouldn’t end up tangled in the bottom of my makeup bag. I ordered six more containers.

The capsules come in six millennial-minded colors, like terracotta and petal (a dusty pink), and you don’t have to stick to just one hue when you build a six-pack. As you choose your shades, you can also choose your labels, which are fully customizable, though the existing list is pretty thorough, from jewelry to lube. There’s even a set of seven that has the days of the week—chicest pillbox ever?

Before, I would have been the person who, rather than overstuff a Stasher bag with toiletries, said, “Screw it; I’ll buy minis when I get there.” But never again. Now I’ll fill my Cadence containers with everything I’ll need; stick them all together because, yes, the capsules themselves are magnetic; and head off to wherever, knowing I’ll arrive mess-free.


The Bundle, Set of 6 Capsules, Cadence ($70)