Published on May 2, 2019

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When it comes to sizing up our stockpile of entertaining essentials, we tend to focus on the basics: wine glasses, linen napkins, and your basic barware set. Not high up on that list? Pitchers.

Hear us out: Pitchers are generally both a necessity and an afterthought. But we think this seriously underrated staple is overdue for a little attention. Whether holding sweet summer sangria or your signature spicy marg, these vessels were made for avid hosts and entertaining SMEs.  

If you need any further convincing, allow the chic finds ahead to prove just how cool (and necessary!) pitchers can be.

If you’re all about the glow

Consider this an upgrade on the trendy primary yellow; it’s the hue you’ll be obsessing over all summer long. Sun-kissed never looked this good.

A subtle color-block infuses a high-contrast detail with personality and a hint of warmth.

A perfectly imperfect form and heat-resistant composition mark this one as especially versatile.

A tropical motif imparts this mini pitcher with a whimsical detail, which makes it prime for the bar cart.

If you’re into the understated and classic

Simplicity in design is all about effortless cool. Clean lines combined with neutral tones and unique shapes make for an aesthetic that’s hard to rival.

Sleek and so Scandi-chic, this pitcher might be better served as a decorative object.

The true highlight of this vintage-inspired piece can be found by way of the starburst detail at the base of the jug.

Crafted from bone china, this untraditional find is a welcome departure from the conventional.

If you prefer it with a side of whimsy

An illustrated detail can go a long way, especially when it comes to a sparsely decorated outdoor table.

Calling all the star-crossed lovers: This one’s begging to be filled with a fruity summer sangria.

Handpainted stripes and an off-kilter illustration designate this as an eclectic essential.

Handmade in Marrakech, the zippy handles and chic illo are the undeniable draws of this rad pitcher.

If you can handle the drama

Cool blues, a matte-black finish, and unexpected details are the telltale signs of a statement-worthy accent piece, especially when it concerns the tabletop.

Ridged detailing and an iridescent finish lend this stunning pitcher a striking finish.

The beautifully understated quality of this two-tone pitcher comes courtesy of its textured ash exterior.

With its durable enamel finish, this one’s built to withstand all your entertaining needs.