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We’re all about a good life hack. Everyone has apps that they can’t live without, especially team domino. From tracking fitness and finance to ordering cookies and bar supplies with the tap of a finger, these are the apps we’re never deleting (even though our iCloud is perpetually low on storage).


Say goodbye to lugging heavy bags of bottles for good. Whether you’re stocking the bar for a dinner party, or just in need of a glass of vino after a long day, Minibar’s got you covered. The app promises delivery of wine, beer and spirits, in 30 minutes to an hour flat, and is available in over 25 cities across the U.S.

Download Minibar here.


Book all your fitness classes and salon appointments in one convenient place with MindBody. The free app searches your area for the best deals on a variety of workout studios and spas, allowing you to schedule and pay with ease.

Download MindBody here.


Download Medium for a wealth of reading material at your fingertips. It’s a network of writers from around the world, and you can follow publications like Matter, The Marshall Project, and The Cauldron for five-star pieces of journalism and first-person writing.

Download Medium here.

Cartwheel for Target

We can’t walk out of Target without spending half a paycheck and buying more goodies than we have room for in our tiny apartments. Before you make a trip to the superstore, scroll through the app and tag the products on your shopping list that have coupons available. It’s basically Monopoly money… but for Target!

Download Cartwheel for Target here.


Nobody said adulting was easy. For those who still don’t completely understand how to invest their money, Betterment can help. It’s an automated investing app that matches your portfolio with the proper investment opportunity (whether it’s a stock or a bond) and automatically makes the deal. All you do is sit back and watch your money grow. Now that’s something we can get behind!

Download Betterment here.


Download TIDAL — all the cool kids are doing it. Jay-Z’s latest endeavor allows you to stream high-quality music and access exclusive releases from artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Kanye West.

Download TIDAL here.


Subway riders, rejoice! Pocket provides a way to save web stories from Safari or media apps in one place, then makes them available offline. The app creates a PDF of the article and files it away, so when you’re in the tunnel from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you don’t have to stop reading when your phone loses signal.

Download Pocket here.


Our app is your mobile destination for bringing your style home. From inspiring interior images, creative daily articles, and a carefully curated selection of pieces to purchase for your home, the domino app has you covered. It’s storytelling and shopping made easy!

Download domino here.


Reimburse your friends in a flash with the Paypal app. Whether you’re paying your electricity bill or sending money for a last minute concert ticket, Paypal is the easy (and secure!) way to transfer money electronically.

Download Paypal here.


Love high-intensity cardio classes but hate the price tag? Download Skyfit to get rid of your fitness woes. For $10 a month, you’ll have access to hundreds of workout classes that you can complete on your own time at your home gym or on the pavement. All you need is a pair of headphones!

Download Skyfit here.

Amazon Alexa

Have you met our friend Alexa? The Echo app allows you to access Alexa’s many perks from your mobile device. It’s part Amazon Echo remote, part media player, part weather woman, and all around genius.

Download Amazon Alexa here.


Avoid surge pricing and long wait times by taking a yellow taxi! New Yorkers can easily hail a good ‘ole yellow cab with Way2ride. Or if you hail one on your own, simply check in on your app with the taxi’s 5-digit code to pay and tip the driver from your phone!

Download Way2ride here.


Quickly catalog your favorite wines with the snap of a photo! At a restaurant or wine shop, snap a photo of the label for vineyard information, customer reviews, and alternative pricing. This app will definitely make you second guess buying that expensive bottle at a restaurant when you find out how much you can snag it for at your neighborhood liquor store…

Download Vivino here.


To easily communicate with your friends and family abroad, use WhatsApp. The free messaging app allows you to send instant messages and make calls via wifi. Bid adieu to expensive international phone plans and say hello to more money to shop and explore!

Download WhatsApp here.


Ordering takeout has never been easier. Use Seamless to order and pay for food in a flash. In most major U.S. cities, Seamless will deliver to you wherever you are — on your sofa, on the treadmill, in the conference room, or by the pool.

Download Seamless here.


Are you a speed demon on the open road? Avoid traffic jams, highway construction, and speed traps with Waze, the social sharing app for road travelers. Plug in your destination for voice-cue navigation as well as highway conditions as reported by drivers a few miles ahead of you.

Download Waze here.

Sleep Cycle

Track your sleeping habits and REM cycles with Sleep Cycle. Place your phone on the bed as you fall asleep, and the app will monitor your movement throughout the night and wakes you up at the lightest point of your sleep phase within a few minutes of your scheduled alarm.

Download Sleep Cycle here.


In back and forth texting banter, sometimes words just don’t cut it. Access thousands of hilarious GIFs for a punchline that’s always on point.

Download Giphy here.


If you’re like us, your Apple TV remote is always MIA. Nothing ruins a Netflix binge like the moment you can’t click respond to the dreaded “Are you still watching?” message like a missing remote! Download the Apple Remote app to control your Apple TV or iTunes directly from your phone. And yes, Netflix, we’re always still watching.

Download Remote here.

Hotel Tonight

We’re always looking for ways to escape the city on the fly and on a dime. With HotelTonight, you can book inexpensive hotel rooms the day your vacation begins. The app gathers all the remaining unsold hotel rooms in the area for last-minute booking and incredible savings. Road trip, anyone?

Download Hotel Tonight here.


Need a dinner reservation stat? OpenTable helps you refine a restaurant search by neighborhood, party size, and time slot for simple booking when you’re on a serious time crunch. It’ll also sync upcoming reservations with your calendar and allow you to share your plans with other attendees.

Download OpenTable here.


You know the feeling. You’re staring at the blinking cursor, and you have one more try to get the password right before the site blocks you out. We’ve been there time and again. With 1Password, you can securely store all your logins and passwords in one place. Password problem solved.

Download 1Password here.

The Infatuation

Can you keep a secret? The Infatuation is the app for reliable restaurant reviews from an inner circle of trusted reviewers. Avoid the angry road rage on Yelp and refine your restaurant search with their “Perfect For:” tool, featuring categories like Date Night, Girls’ Night, Boozy Brunch and more.

Download The Infatuation here.

My Fitness Pal

Keep track of your exercise, calorie and water intake, and weight with My Fitness Pal. The easy-to-use app aids in the weight loss process and provides customized advice to better your diet and lifestyle. You can also connect your FitBit or Apple Health data for a seamless transfer of the calories you’ve burned!

Download My Fitness Pal here.

Insomnia Cookies

We know we just recommended a fitness tracking app BUT… sometimes, you’ve gotta succumb to your sweet tooth. With the Insomnia Cookies app, you can order fresh-out-the-oven cookies with the flick of a finger and have them on your doorstep in mere minutes. And yes, they deliver in the wee hours when your late-night cravings really set in.

Download Insomnia Cookies here.


This photo editing app is a fan favorite in the domino office. For beautiful filters and easy brightening and color correcting, download VSCO and start experimenting.

Download VSCO here.


Are you always looking for the next big thing? Let Bandsintown be your guide. Track your favorite artists, buy concert tickets, and discover the coolest gigs that are happening in your area.

Download Bandsintown here.


If there’s one television streaming app we can’t live without, it’s HBO Now. Case in point: without HBO Now, we wouldn’t have been able to watch Beyonce’s Lemonade in the pedicure chair, in a taxi, or in the Trader Joe’s checkout line.

Download HBO Now here.

Wine ‘n Dine

Save your S.O. the frustration of picking a date spot with Wine ‘n Dine. The app provides a directory of local restaurants that boast great reviews. Not to mention the app provides beautiful imagery that’ll have you scooting out the door and to the restaurant before you can even say, “I don’t care, you pick.”

Download Wine ‘n Dine here.


Digit allows you to start saving money “without even thinking about it.” The app monitors your checking account and daily removes an appropriate amount of money and deposits it in your savings account. Some days it may be $50, and other days it may be $0.50. Before long, you’ve got a pot of moolah in savings to buy that pair of shoes you’ve been eying.

Download Digit here.

Sign Now

To quickly add your autograph to official documents, forget finding a scanner. With Sign Now, you can easily sign Word documents and PDFs with your finger and send them on their way. Done and done.

Download Sign Now here.


We’ve all been there — anxiously staring at your computer screen, waiting “in line” for tickets to Adele’s North American tour. You’re almost to checkout when… just like that… they’re gone. What you didn’t know beforehand? There are more tickets available on the app! Next time you’re on the prowl for a hard-to-get ticket, head to the app before the website. Happy hunting!

Download Ticketmaster here.


Boomerang allows you to take mini videos of life’s happiest, silliest moments and post them to your Instagram. It’s the crossroad of a photo and a gif, and we’re all around insta-obsessed.

Download Boomerang here.

French Girls

Yes, this is a thing. With French Girls, you can upload a selfie and a member of the app’s artist community will draw and upload a bespoke portrait of you à la Leo di Caprio in Titanic.

Download French Girls here.


If you’re not texting with Bitmoji, are you really texting? Personally design your Bitmoji to look just like you, pick out a ballin’ outfit, and laugh your tush off at the app’s hundreds of hilarious custom emoticons.

Download Bitmoji here.