Published on January 28, 2019

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When it comes to decorating our homes, bathrooms (sadly) tend to be an afterthought. For a room so consistently and readily used throughout the course of a day, it’s a wonder that we don’t pay more mind to the decorative aesthetic of the space. While bathrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, more often than not, they are tight on square footage and confined to tight parameters. It’s these sort of constraints that prevent us from investing in the decorative character of the space in the first place—a practice we are strongly in favor of changing.

In lieu of viewing the bathroom from a purely functional standpoint, regard it as an opportunity ripe for creative exploration. Here is your chance to take a decorative risk, to experiment with that wildly intricate wallpaper, or a vivid color block you spotted in the pages of your favorite glossy.

Ahead, we compiled a running guide to the vibrant bathroom colors that are inspiring us right now. Your decorative refresh begins here.

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photo by Cody Guilfoyle


Blues will forever rule in our eyes, especially when paired against a white backdrop that will result in a striking contrast. Brooklyn’s new Domicile cafe did it best with a two-tone scheme that extends from the intricate tiling to the wall decals.

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Photo by Laure Joliet

Sage Green

If it’s a subtle hint of color that you’re looking for, consider bringing in a geometrically inspired wall tile and earmarking it for the shower in the form of an accent wall.

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Photography by Nikole Ramsey


Think of your powder room as an opportunity to make a colorful statement. Take a visual cue from this seaside home and deck the walls with a dreamy shade of blue-lavender. Bonus points for bringing in matching floor tiles.

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Photography by Megan Taylor

Pink and Green

While at first glance it’s the subtle contrast between the blush and sage green walls that captures our eye, the chromatically complementary claw-foot tub and checkered floor tiles are what take the space to the next level.

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Photography by Eron Rauch


Avoid a jarring finish when utilizing vibrant hues by downplaying the intensity of it with warm shades and textured accents. The wooden vanity and lustrous brass fixtures balance out the teal here with effortless ease.

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Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg


We will admit it: We don’t foresee ourselves tiring of the Millennial Pink movement anytime soon. Should you disagree, allow this striking scene to convince you otherwise.

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Black and White

Rethink the classic black-and-white pairing by designating the former to the ceiling for a more dramatic effect. The zodiac-inspired illustrations are completely optional but highly encouraged.

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Photography by Yaroslav Priadka


We’re swooning over the dreamy shade of pink that decks the walls of this inspired two-tone bath. The speckled tiling and soft blush earmarked for the ceiling are details that don’t go unnoticed.

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Photography by Stephen Busken


Mixed tonal mediums are always encouraged. Offset a dark wall paint with a wallpaper print that comes with an element of contrast.

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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle


If you find yourself ready to take a decorative leap, go bold by painting the walls of your powder room with a pitch-black paint. Introduce a hint of contrast with wall art composed of a primary palette.

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Photography by Erin Little

Off-White and Gray

Dress up basic neutrals by opting for patterned wallpaper in lieu of wall paint. This two-tone bath takes on an all-white and beige scheme with a touch of cool courtesy of the hints of gray found within the walls.

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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Teal Blue

If you’re keen on working with one hue exclusively, establish interest by installing tiling that emulates the tones with a low-contrast finish.

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Photography by Mia Baxter

Black, White, and Gray

Here is proof that a monochrome bathroom paint color scheme can look especially chic when exhibited in the form of wallpaper. Important life lesson: You can’t go wrong with a picturesque toile, especially when paired with such a dramatic sink.

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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle


Take your pink obsession to the next level by designating the hue for the walls, the wallpaper, and a darker rendition of it for the ceiling.

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Photography by Ben Jack

Light Blue

Light blues are about as dreamy as they get, and for a room where we seek serenity, they’re the ideal hue for the walls. In this light-filled bath, a soft pairing of blues gives the room dimension and inspires a sense of calm.

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Photography by Michael Wiltbank


A cheeky wallpaper pattern is a surefire way to introduce a playful pop of bathroom color and personality to a space. We’re loving this avocado print and how its tones are emulated by way of the room’s tiles.

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Photography by Ken Natori

Blue and White

Otomi wallpaper and intricate tiling make quite a decorative statement in this vibrant bath. The combination of the brass fixtures and marble sink elevates the color combo with an air of effortless cool.

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Photography by Nicole Franzen

White and Black

Approach an otherwise monochrome scheme with an element of whimsy—this bunny-themed wallpaper comes to mind—to invite a bold dose of interest and character to a sparsely decorated bath.

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Blue out the shower with hexagonal tiling for a dramatic finish that’s simple yet impactful. Lourdes Hernandez’s L.A. bath comes paired with lustrous brass fixtures that invite a bold hint of contrast and elegance.

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Looking for a more daring color play for the walls? Take note from NYC’s fast-casual hot spot Verde and opt for a geometrically inspired color-block pattern.

Hotel Bachaumont Blue and White BathroomPin It
Photography by JESSICA ANTOLA

Blue and Green

Blues and greens are prime for chromatic pairing in the bathroom and an opportunity to get creative with pattern. Allow this stunning scene from Paris-based Hotel Bachaumont to be your source of inspiration.

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Photography by DANIELLE NAGEL


This Palm Springs bath is making all our color dreams come true. With the ample source of natural light flooding in, the bright splash of yellow designated for the walls becomes all the more striking and alluring.

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Photography by Sophie Loghman


If you would rather stick with white walls, allow the floors or major pieces of the bath to serve as an opportunity for layering in bathroom color ideas. In this bright and airy spot, the intricate detailing of the blue floor tiles and contrasting red tub fill in as the major focal points of the room.

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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Pink and Blue

Consider this proof that even renters can get in on a colorful bathroom. Leave the existing tiling as is and paint the vanity and surrounding walls in vibrant splashes of paint to instill the space with a fresh dose of personality.

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photo by Aaron Bengochea


Not all color needs to come in the form of wall paint—an exposed brick wall can provide a similar effect but with the added bonus of texture and character. This Brooklyn bathroom takes advantage of the stunning backdrop, allowing it to inform the boho-chic aesthetic of the plant-filled space.

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Intrigued by purple, but not quite sure how to embrace it? This contemporary, whitewashed bathroom with the not-so-subtle lining of the powerful hue definitely took it on with a touch of modern flair.

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Pink and Yellow

Pink and yellow make for a color pairing we don’t think we will ever tire of—and Kim West’s inspired Austin home is a prime example why. Displayed by way of a whimsical and bold wallpaper, the hues can just as easily be emulated with a fresh coat of paint.


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