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Moving in with the person you’re dating is exciting… but also complicated, sometimes more so than you expected. Like when hanging prints or art on the wall, for instance. Not only do you have to create an aesthetic that merges and incorporates both of your tastes, but you might have different ideas of what you’re looking to spend. One of you might care more than the other—or both of you might care too much. Read on to see 15 prints that will hopefully inspire a compromise both parties can hang with.

So Frondly, $111.99

Meet in the middle of bohemian and modern aesthetics with this print that will also bring in some green to your home without leaving one of you to water a fussy plant—and inevitably complain about it.

Young Lady, $71.49

This painting of a young lady would work perfectly into a black and white themed

gallery wall

San Francisco Map, $23.99

Incorporating maps into any living space is fun, but especially when the city signifies a shared experience. Whether you find a cute map of the city where you met, where you both went to college, lived there together, or even just traveled there, it will bring back fond memories.

Iconic Lifeguard Tower, $17.49

This print will work well if you’re going for more of a whitewashed look, but still want to hang something on your walls. It’s simple, light, and the symmetry is visually pleasing.

Light Blue Allure, $248.99

Gray Malin prints are universally liked, no? Just make sure your other half is willing to splurge on the cost.

Drink More Coffee Pennant, $18.99

Though technically a pennant and not a true print, you can still hang it on your wall so it counts.

All This and More, $54.99

This print packs a bright punch—that can be lessened when paired with a sleek, modern sofa and muted decor accessories.

Criss Cross, $92.49

There’s not much you can disagree on when it comes to this print. It’s black and white, features a graphic design, and is easy to incorporate into any neutral room.

Illinois State Maze 12×16″ Offset Print, $16.99

We’ve already covered that maps are great, but the maze print inside your fave state makes it less kitschy and more design-focused.

End of Summer, $149.99

This print was meant to hang above your kitchen sink—just make sure you both like tomatoes.

Indian Canyon, $15.99

No matter if you like the great outdoors, it’s fact that this landscape of a canyon is beautiful (and perfect for a bohemian-inspired shared living space!).

Surge, $199.99

There’s no denying this print is moody. Pair it with a navy couch for an elevated, bold, neutral living room.

Solar System (Colored) by Jazzberry Blue Canvas Print, $146.99

This canvas would look perfect hanging over any modern, black furniture. The bright, graphic mix of colors surrounding “explore” feels cool, not forced like other corny quotes.

Poison Plants Print, $174.99

These pretty little dainty flowers work because 1) they’re set on an all-black, chic background and 2) they’re all poisonous. If you and your roomie have a penchant for the ironic, this print will work fit in just fine.

Boston Harbor, $123.49

Somehow, this print manages to be graphic, beachy, and bright all at once. It’s young, fresh, and undeniably appealing.