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text by  SHANI SILVER photography by  JOE + KATHRINA


We love the story of an inspiring business. People working together to achieve something great, while bringing a delightful product to their customers. Every now and then, those companies have workspaces with inspiring tales, too. Such is true at 31 Bits.

Currently working with beneficiaries in Uganda, the 31 Bits mission is to empower people to rise above poverty through fashion and design. Jessie Simonson, Brand Director, and Alli Talley, Director of Marketing, shared with us a glimpse into the team’s industrial warehouse with attached quonset hut in Costa Mesa, CA that serves as work, retail, and event space!

TELL US A BIT ABOUT HOW YOU FOUND THIS SPACE. WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE IT? We fell in love with the quonset hut as soon as we saw it! We knew it would make the perfect space for our retail store, and we loved the size of the attached warehouse.

Not only is it where we operate the company, we’ve also held several parties and photo shoots here as well!

WHAT GOALS DID YOU HAVE IN MIND FOR THE SPACE BEFORE YOU MOVED IN? Our goal with our HQ is that it fosters a creative, family atmosphere. We want our staff to feel inspired while they’re here, and for our guests to feel at home.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING HERE? The people! We aren’t lying when we say we have the best team. The 31 Bits staff is small, but it’s mighty!

WHICH DESIGN ELEMENTS ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? We love the way Camp Design Group transformed our retail shop.

The hanging shelves and whimsical lamps just make us happy!

WHAT DO YOU ROUTINELY GET COMPLIMENTED ON? Our shop probably gets the most compliments, because it’s usually all that the public sees.

Photographers routinely compliment us on the natural lighting and industrial feel.

WHAT CAN OTHER COMPANIES LEARN FROM THIS SPACE, OR WHAT YOU’VE DONE WITH IT? Less is more! When we first moved in, we had so many ideas for how to decorate the space.

We quickly learned that we felt more creative and energized by a light, fresh, minimalistic space.

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT 31 BITS? Most people are aware that our jewelry is made out of paper by women in Northern Uganda, but what they don’t know is just how far their purchase goes!

We have development programs in Uganda that are putting our ladies through educational trainings, healthcare, counseling, financial planning, and SO much more!

Through 31 Bits, women are rising above poverty and living empowered!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OF CREATING THIS WORKSPACE? Moving day! We called up about a dozen of our close friends to come help us move in.

We blasted Taylor Swift, ordered pizza, and popped a couple bottles of champagne. We ended the night with a dance party…it was perfect!