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There’s something special about rattan. Sure, it’s an easy way to add texture to any room, but the reliable fabric has some serious range—and we were spontaneously reminded of just this while digging through the new additions to the Zara Home collection.

There are few fibers as enduring as rattan, and part of that is due to the magic combination of packing a lot of durability into a lightweight woven construction. That’s why you’ll often find so many of the breezy pieces while digging through thrift and vintage stores—it’s an element that spans generations. From mod-inspired lounge chairs to a cheeky fish-shaped basket, Zara Home has served up a bunch of ways to incorporate this timeless textile into your space.

For Lounging in Style

rattan chair
Woven Rattan Armchair, Zara Home ($499)

The slight recline of this chair makes it perfect for a balcony or apartment corner with a lot of sunlight.

For the Kitchen That Needs Some Personality

fish basket
Fish-Shaped Rattan Basket, Zara Home ($36)

There’s nothing more fun than walking into a room and seeing something delightfully unexpected. Our favorite part is the slightly open mouth—it’s so cute you’ll want to name it.

For Catching Z’s (and Looking Good Doing It)

lounge chair
Striped Rattan Lounger, Zara Home ($799)

There’s an optical illusion happening with this rattan chair. Look at it straight on and it seems to be a seat of normal length, but move a few inches to either side and you’ll see it’s a full-on lounger waiting to be napped on.

For Corralling Poolside Cocktails

rattan basket
Rattan Tray with Colored Stripe, Zara Home ($70)

The blue stripe woven into this rattan basket gives off South of France vibes. Fill it with fruit, spices, canned goods—anything you’d set out on a counter that could use some organization—or stock it with on-theme cups and use it to serve guests who are basking by the pool.

For the Room That Always Needs an Extra Perch

News & Trends photo
Multicolored Rattan Stool, Zara Home ($149)

Maybe an unexpected dinner guest showed up. Or maybe you need somewhere to display your “to be read” pile of books. You can never have enough stools, and this multicolored rattan design is short enough to slide underneath a console table when not in use.

For Dropping All of Your Mail

colorful woven basket
Multicolored Bamboo Rattan Basket with Handle, Zara Home ($50)

Bills, catalogs, and wedding invites tend to sprawl across every nook and cranny of your home—no space is safe. This little basket is the perfect spot for unopened letters. If anything, it’ll make looking at them a little less painful.

For the Mod Patio

woven chair
Rattan Chair with Metal Frame, Zara Home ($299)

The round shape of this chair takes one of our favorite materials straight back to the ’60s. The touch of sunny yellow woven throughout will brighten up any covered concrete courtyard or deck.