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While Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale officially opened to the public on July 17, Nordy Club and card members (Icon, Ambassadors, and Influencers) have had early access to deals since July 11. And over the past two weeks, we’ve seen a crop of clear favorites emerge among our readers. A major standout includes Parachute’s classic bath towels, which have been snatched up the most—so much so that the blush pink colorway is already sold out. While we await a potential restock (they’ve been known to happen), allow us to direct you to our running list of reader-favorite scores paired with the next-best deals for those that have already flown the coop.

Since the event is set to run through August 6, we suggest bookmarking this page and checking back as we update it with the week’s most popular picks. Below, shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale bestsellers—according to you. There’s everything from Panama sun hats to smart diffusers to Fellow kettles in Nordstrom-exclusive hues.

23% Off Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle

Fellow Stag Kettle
Corvo EKG Electric Kettle, Fellow ($150 was $195)

Being able to set a specific temperature is a feature we always look for in an electric kettle, but pair that with good looks and a small footprint? Music to our ears. We’re partial to the matte white and light wood of Fellow’s highly rated Corvo EKG kettle here—it’s a breath of fresh air compared to all the black and techy options on the market. Just press the knob and turn it to your preferred temp, and water heats in no time; the heating pad holds it there, too.

30% Off Blissy Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Blissy ($55 was $80)

Buttery soft, hypoallergenic, and currently being viewed by 100-plus people (fun fact: shopping Nordstrom online allows you to see how many other shoppers are mulling over whether or not to add an item to their bag), Blissy’s jewel-toned silk pillowcases are fanatically popular—we’re talking 7,000-plus reviews—and, consequently, well loved, regardless of a sale. While most are convinced it’s made an impact on lessening the appearance of their fine lines and knotted hair come morning, others haven’t but still prefer to sleep on it for its cool-to-the-touch feel. That, and the fact that it’s handmade from pure mulberry silk. The material speaks volumes to this particular product’s quality; the longer strands yield a more durable cover. With all this in mind, coupled with the nearly $35 in savings, we can’t say we’re surprised Domino readers are into it, too. Especially not long after spotlighting it in our deals of the week roundup. “Never going back to another pillowcase,” one commenter declares. “I have purchased several silk pillowcases in the last few years and this is by far the best. The quality is great and you won’t be sorry you purchased it!” 

33% Off Supergoop! Unseen and Play Sunscreen Set

Supergoop trio of sunscreen
Unseen & Play Sunscreen SPF 50 Set, Supergoop! ($52 was $78)

It seems a few of you, just like our editors, are avid Supergoop! users. After tucking this bundle into our shopping newsletter, Domino readers jumped on the deal. It’s a trio that fits well into daily routines—the sunscreen literally melts into the skin as both an invisible, grippy primer for makeup or simply as an unsticky layer of protection, and the lotion leaves no white cast but with a classic scent and feel. Plus everything is reef-safe and made in the U.S.  

28% off Dusen Dusen Spiral Cotton Terry Robe

Spiral Cotton Terry
Spiral Cotton Terry Robe, Dusen Dusen ($100 was $138)

Domino readers are always game for a good Dusen Dusen deal, but none more than Ellen Van Dusen’s patterned rugs. Following the hype of a stripy robe first spotted in Harry Styles’s bathroom, we’re guessing this spiral cutie in a more subdued color combo of pink and cream—one purchaser notes it is more vibrant in person!—is destined to emerge as the new favorite. It’s simply summarized as “cozy, thick, and comfy.” And what else can you ask of your robe? 

33% Off Pom Pom at Home Duvet

Luke Stripe Duvet Cover from Pom Pom at Home

It’s rare for Pom Pom at Home duvets to be this steeply discounted, and it’s something Domino readers evidently took note of, too. Both the light blue and natural striped cotton shells are $140 off (if you’re going for the queen size). And despite the fact that they’re made in Portugal with 100% cotton, these are safe to tumble dry after a wash cycle. 

35% Off Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Bath Essentials

parachute towels
Classic Bath Towel, Blush, Parachute ($27 was $39)

At 700 GSM, Parachute’s bath towels are plush (but not too plush), absorbent, and—more than anything—hard-wearing. Already a permanent fixture in a few Domino editors’ linen closets, this set is designed to last, which is why we aren’t surprised that, after sporting a decent 35% discount, it was scooped up in great volume. (So too were these waffle-knit kitchen towels.) We’d wager the subtle, minimalist-approved blush pink colorway was a key reason, especially after considering you can’t score the shade anywhere other than at Nordstrom. Sadly, as noted above, it’s displaying the dreaded “Sold Out” label. Don’t fret: We found plenty more bathroom deals for the taking. 

More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Bath Towel Deals

Hand towels, beach towels, and washcloths are all discounted, too. But the best deal is going for a full set. If the neutral shade was originally the biggest draw for Parachute, we recommend checking out Nordstrom’s own iteration—one reviewer confirms they’ve owned the same set for four-plus years and they still look as plush as the day they bought them. Others describe the Hydrocotton as “quick drying,” “substantial,”  and even “life changing.” We’d also consider Matouk’s set, which features luxurious Aegean cotton in creamy ivory, crisp white, and warm gray. All are $80 off. 

33% Off Moccamaster KBT Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer

Moccamaster Coffeemaker
KBT Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer, White, Moccamaster ($255 was $359)

Of all the coffee makers out there to choose from, there may be no other brand as highly sought among Domino editors (and readers!) as the Moccamaster. A certified countertop cutie, it’s also beloved by caffeine aficionados—and a staple in Netherlands kitchens for decades—especially those who want a cup as fast as possible, since this brewer has a reputation for its speedy extraction. Arguably, the biggest draw to the brand is the colorful assortment (Dan Pelosi’s own kitchen sports a cheeky orange model). Still, only the matte white is currently featuring a price slash. But clearly, our readers are neutral lovers, as this hasn’t been a deterrent from it climbing the list of bestsellers in a few days’ time. Other reasons it’s a winner: a stainless steel carafe that’ll keep your pot hot and a savings of $100. 

More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Coffee Deals

If drip isn’t really your thing—or even coffee in general—there are a few other deals worth checking out, among them this stylish glass pour-over via the MoMA Design Store that’s 35% off, and this charming red teakettle for a stovetop statement. (Just be sure to grab it with a cloth or mitt when its whistling; one shopper shares the handle gets as hot as its fiery exterior looks.)

34% Off Pura x Nordstrom Smart Diffuser & Fragrance Set

pura home fragrance set
Smart Diffuser & Fragrance Set, Pura x Nordstrom ($68 was $97)

Another Nordstrom exclusive brand tops our best-selling list, this time in the form of a smart fragrance. While you can no longer snag the discreet device’s set of Lavender Fields, Yuzu Citron, Vanilla Chiffon, and Linens and Surf, you can get a complete package of Capri Blu fragrances.  

More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fragrance Deals

Pura isn’t the only way to freshen up your home at a discount. There are plenty of other candle and diffuser deals to choose from, including a Voluspa five-pack and a Jo Malone London reed duo (valued at $210 for just $145).

32% Off Helen Kaminski Raffia Fedora

News & Trends photo
Raffia Fedora, Helen Kaminski ($165 was $245)

This Madewell head cover isn’t on sale—but it is a Nordstrom bestseller that worked its way to top-bought status after being featured in our newsletter last week. Our readers’ sudden sun hat interest inspired us to see what hat-centric deals there were to be had during Nordstrom’s big sale. Lo and behold, we found more than a few—the winner being the woven raffia fedora featuring a delicate bow detail, above. 

More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hat Deals

We also clocked another raffia number with a turned-brim twist, along with a classic Brixton straw style for under $100. 

27% Off Hydroflask 32-Ounce Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Hydroflask Bottle
32-Ounce Wide Mouth Water Bottle, Hydro Flask ($40 was $52)

We’re not sure how much the heat wave happening across the East Coast may have influenced our readers’ need for a new hydration vessel, but this 32-ounce, wide-mouth bottle in more Nordstrom-exclusive colors—ultraviolet and moonlight, the latter of which is a warm cream—was quickly bought up by readers (both are sold out now). There’s plenty to appreciate about the cult-favorite brand, from its tried-and-true insulation that’ll keep your chosen beverage either hot for up to 12 hours or cold for a full day, to the leakproof top, to even its durable, sweat-free exterior. Though it seems the lavender-esque shade is the number-one reason behind its best-selling status. Even a recent reviewer writes, “I was so excited to see this color for the Anniversary Sale and picked it up right away. I’ve gotten compliments already on the beautiful color!” 

More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Travel Drink Deals

News & Trends photo
Leather Wrapped Cylinder Flask with Cups, Bey-Berk ($22 was $32)

Hydroflask isn’t the only well-loved travel container to be had. We’d like to point out that Bey-Berk’s stainless steel, leather-encased travel flask (it comes with two cups) is just $22 during the sale.