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Photography by Amy Neunsinger for Crate & Barrel

Leanne Ford wanted to call her newest collection with Crate & Barrel her “Greatest Hits, Volume 1.”

“We’ve done five, which seems wild to me,” says the designer. Ford and Sebastian Bauer, the brand’s vice president of product design, figured it was about time to remix some of the bestsellers from previous collaborations. First up: The Fields cane chair.

Peep the latest rendition of the Fields cane chair (with swivel) in black. | Photography by Amy Neunsinger for Crate & Barrel

At first, it may not look all that different from the one Ford debuted in 2020, but wait…what’s that at the base? “I believe in a swivel chair for many reasons,” says Ford. The crescent-shaped seat now turns on a dime, making it that much more versatile. “You can put that in the center of a space (or a small apartment) and go from [using it in a] conversation area to watching TV,” explains the designer. “Now you’ve created multiple seating areas.”

For a number of her other all-time favorites, Ford focused on updating the finishes. For example, the indoor-outdoor Pebble coffee table is now available in a charcoal hue and the Aya dining table comes in a bleached tone. 

Of course, with a collection spanning 50-plus products, there’s also a ton of newness in the mix. Ahead, Ford spotlights a few of the fresh pieces she’s excited about. 

Her Take on the Classic Chesterfield

Whenever I see a vintage chesterfield, I scoop it up no matter what. The Gig sofas are made to be beautiful from all angles, to come off the wall and live in the middle of the room. With the sun-bleached leather, I cannot wait to see these things in 10 years.

Her Very Own Pottery

Crate took some of the ceramics I’ve created at home—my “wonky wobblies”—over to Portugal and created mass versions of them. What I love about ceramics is no matter what you put in a piece, it’s beautiful. It will feel like a special meal.

Her Ode to Sleep

The Mellow collection is inspired by my love of sleeping—they’re like big duvet slipcovers. The chairs, you can just smush into [them]. I have two facing each other [in my office], and the arm is so wide that I’ll put my computer on there or my tea.

Her Filling in the Gaps

I have been on the hunt for a circular side table with a drawer, and it’s hard to find. Not anymore: The Willy side table is wide and low and made of wood—and it has storage. 

Her Doodle Come to Life

I’m always drawing hearts, and I realized my daughter does it now, too. We must have a happy little frame of mind!