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Shavonda Gardner is a rebel by choice. From ditching the traditional route of joining a design firm and instead launching her own blog, SG Style, to downsizing from a 2,400-square-foot home to a two-bedroom bungalow with her family of four, Gardner’s goal is to inspire more than just bold design choices: It’s to show others that the life you want is yours to take.

“Getting into this world of blogging was a big-time rebel move for me,” she tells Domino deputy editor Julie Vadnal in the latest episode of Design Time: The Rebellious Ones (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). “Just being a rebel wanting to pave my own path and being within a space that other people could see and be like, ‘Oh, my gosh, she looks like me’ or ‘There’s another queer family that’s doing life and sharing it.’ That’s my rebel moment in all of this.”

In the episode, Gardner gets into the nitty-gritty of small-space living, including her tips to maximize every inch of your home—from creating a corner library nook to moving your office outside. She also shares her convincing theory on why you should be painting your ceilings and the black Sherwin-Williams shade she can’t get enough of. As usual, we wrapped up the episode with a quick round of Never Have I Ever—here’s a sneak peek.

Never have I ever…hung my own wallpaper.

I have not. I hire out wallpaper and I hire out drywall. 

Never have I ever…bought a piece of decor or a pillow with a phrase on it.

Yes, I have. But we are a Rae Dunn–free home, so there’s none of that. There’s this really cool artist who makes needlepoint pillows that have the coolest phrases. It’s like a kitschy-cute vibe. 

Never have I ever…decorated a room just for the ‘gram.

What room, girl?! I have two bedrooms and a bathroom. There’s no room for me to decorate something just for the ‘gram.

Never have I ever…bought or rented an apartment or house sight unseen. 

No, but I would do it for sure.

Never have I ever…made a terrarium.
I have, many years ago. I forgot about when terrariums were in.