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At the top of your receipts for April were gifts that ranged from fancy tea to Martha Stewart–approved pruners, soft goods like chartreuse throw pillows and Danish-designed robes, and even budget-friendly white curtains. (You also wanted to get organized, as evidenced by the extremely useful digital calendar in your carts.) With Mother’s Day almost here, and the imminent arrival of more time outside, most of this mix makes total sense—and we’re with you on getting in on the gardening. Read on for your April top 11, and see what your favorites have been so far this year. 

H&M Home Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover

Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover, H&M Home ($13)

You all wanted one of these chartreuse cushions, because they have wobbled in and out of stock since we saw them while searching for a good dupe of Kate Berry’s custom ones.

Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners

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Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners, Amazon ($27 was $30)

Martha Stewart–approved pruners? We’ll take a few—and so will you, apparently. “They’re the best; sharp as can be!” she says. It’s time to get your garden in shape. 

Weleda Skin Food Hand Mask Experience

Weleda Skin Food Hand Mask Experience, Amazon ($17 was $20)

This is an affordable gift for just about anyone, but especially Mom—and we saw you pick it up in droves. You can source it on Amazon, which means quick shipping that’s likely free. 

Sizikato Striped Glass Water Carafe With Tumbler

Sizikato 15-Ounce Glass Water Carafe with Tumbler Glass, Amazon ($14)

This minimalist water carafe, complete with a partner tumbler, will look good on your bedside table, and you took notice. At just $14, it’s a smart buy to stash away for a housewarming gift.

Creative Co-Op Small Stoneware Pitcher

Creative Co-Op Small Stoneware Pitcher, Amazon ($16)

This little pitcher could be for pouring, or it could stand in as a sweet vase. You picked up so many that we’d be curious to see what you’re using them for, too.

J.Crew Bucket Hat With Ties

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Bucket Hat with Ties, J.Crew ($25 was $50)

We recommended this hat alongside other SPF essentials in one of our daily digests, and you were at the ready to pick it up. You can even hang it on your wall as decor.

Harney & Sons Mother’s Day Tea

Mother’s Day Tea, Harney & Sons ($17)

The name says it all with this one, and from the looks of it, you were buying for every mother figure in your life; these sachets are sold out. 

H&M Home Large Metal Plant Pot With Stand

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Large Metal Plant Pot with Stand, H&M Home ($80)

Greenery, both indoors and out, has clearly been on your mind, with this dark green H&M Home planter rising in popularity. We love that it’s crafted entirely of metal. 

Tekla Organic Cotton Hooded Bathrobe

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Tekla Organic Cotton Hooded Bathrobe, Nordstrom ($95 was $159)

The end of April is the beginning of Taurus season, so it’s not surprising that the comfort-loving sign’s time in the sun coincides with an interest in soft goods. Danish brand Tekla’s cozy bathrobe is 40% off right now, by the way.

Yinfung Boho Sheer Curtains

YINFUNG Boho Sheer Curtains, 2 Panels, Amazon ($35)

There are times to splurge on custom curtains in your life, and there are others for when you just need some cute window coverings stat. This sheer set is one of our picks for best white curtains—it has enough interesting texture and embroidery to feel elevated. At just $35 for two panels, many of you refreshed your space on a budget.

Hearth Display

Hearth Display, Hearth ($599)

This digital calendar got deputy editor Julie Vadnal’s life together, and you perked up at the idea of it. Sharing calendars with the rest of the family, writing to-dos for everyone, and setting up routines, all without a bunch of paper—what’s not to love? 

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