You Can Leave These Waterproof Solar Lanterns Hanging by the Pool All Summer Long

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When an outlet is hard to come by, we turn to solar lights to illuminate outdoor spaces. If you need to brighten an entryway, pool fence, or shed, a couple of hanging lanterns might be your best bet—and our latest Amazon find is just the ticket. We personally love the vintage-inspired appeal of this pair of Edison-like lanterns: They discreetly hide a solar panel on top and, after six hours in direct sun, promise to stay illuminated from sunset to sunrise without having to fuss with matches, buttons, or batteries.  

Not only does the duo boast nearly 4,000 positive reviews and a rare 4.4-star rating, the sleek black powder-coated version is 40% off right now. That means you can scoop up the set for just $30. They’re so attractive, one reviewer shares, that after noticing them on a neighbor’s fence, “I liked them so much I ordered them for my backyard.” 

Derynome Store Outdoor Wireless Solar Hanging Lanterns 

Derynome Store Outdoor Wireless Solar Hanging Lanterns in Black, Amazon

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Multiple others confirm that these aren’t just “adorable” but incredibly durable thanks to a waterproof rating of IP65. After combing through the comments, we can confirm the petite luminaries have endured the elements without hiccups or rusting, in one instance “for more than two years.” We’re thinking the material combo of metal (30% stainless steel and 70% aluminum) and glass versus plastic helps. The brand recommends taking them in during particularly rough storms and extreme weather conditions, but one northern Connecticut resident offers that they’ve survived every season, including winter, just fine. 

“They were subject to snow, wind, and freezing temperatures,” they write. “I bought one set at first, to see how they worked, and loved them so much I bought several more. They work great, and if it’s been a supersunny day, sometimes they are still on early the following morning.” 

The lanterns are described as a small but mighty source of light, and most reviewers were equally surprised by how much warm light they give off (exactly 15 lumens), while others say they’re more decorative than anything. That sounds right up our alley, since when it comes to outdoor lighting, we’re Team Ambient over bright beacons anyway. It’s worth keeping in mind that, as with any solar-powered light source, the amount of sunshine influences how many hours your lanterns will stay aglow. That’s to say: Don’t expect long-lasting luminescence if you’ve placed them on a covered patio or in a shady section of your yard. (But that doesn’t mean they’ll go dark ASAP either.)

“In the summer months, the lights will stay on until sunrise. In the winter, they tend to only stay on around six to seven hours following a sunny day, less if overcast. Even if covered with snow, they’ll come on for an hour or two,” another shopper shares. 

All this to say, if you want to brighten your backyard with low-maintenance lighting, look no further than these lanterns. Simply hang them up somewhere sunny and then get ready to bask in their luster all year long. 

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