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Whether it’s that slightly-too-slim space between the bathroom sink and toilet or an impossibly angled bedroom nook, the frustration of trying to fill weird gaps inside our homes is universal. Instead of renovating the problem area or ignoring it altogether, we uncovered a $25 solution that meets us somewhere in the middle. Our awkward-space-saving salvation comes in the form of this reviewer-attested Amazon rolling storage cart that’s currently on sale for 36% off its usual price.

amazon spacekeeper 4-tier rolling storage cart
Spacekeeper Slim Rolling Storage Cart ($19 was $39)

Sure, rolling storage carts are a dime a dozen—but what makes this Spacekeeper model so noteworthy (aside from its on-point price tag) is its precisely streamlined dimensions. Standing at 34 inches tall, the cart features four tiers of adjustable plastic shelves that are 5.1-by-15.57 inches in size. Its long and lean design is fitted together with a sturdy metal frame that’s supported atop easy-glide wheels. Garnering impressive 15,000-plus reviews on Amazon along with a 4.5-out-of-5-star rating, purchasers of the storage solution marvel at just how well it fits inside their frustratingly awkward spaces—including in between toilets, refrigerators, washing machines, nearly nonexistent closets, and beyond.

“I have a 4-inch deep area at the end of my hallway and this has really helped me maximize that space,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Was unsure at first if this would fit in the space between my sink and shower, but it was an absolutely perfect fit with a little wiggle room! I was able to turn this once wasted space into more storage area for my things,” another attests. Others chime in to praise the product as “ridiculously easy to put together in less than five minutes.”

While some reviewers note the cart’s sturdiness, others caution against filling it with heavier objects. It seems best utilized when holding lighter items like toiletries, as one reviewer employs it: “I have a tiny bathroom with a pedestal sink, so no storage space for bottles of body lotion, extra toilet paper, etc.” Tiny side hoops clipped to the structure allow for additional storage space—a place for hanging scissors or small bags neatly. If you’re not taken with the simple white, black, or gray colorways available, then try customizing the cart with a fresh coat of chalk paint to make it not only fit the size of your awkward space but also the aesthetic.