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From dreamy decor to top-notch amenities, Domino’s Wish You Were Here series is your first-class ticket to the most design-driven getaways around the world. Whether you’re looking to steal away for a few days or just steal a few ideas for back home (we encourage both, for the record), check out where we’re checking in.

For the passionate, dedicated traveler, planning a dream getaway can start to take on a nights-and-weekends level of commitment: travel site bookmarking, Google map sharing, review site cross-checking, Instagram geotag deep diving, guidebook browsing—followed by needing to package all that information into a tidy itinerary. 

Luckily, there’s an easier way to take the trip of a lifetime. The Capital One Venture X card unlocks access to best-in-class travel around the world, from the moment you start booking. When purchasing through Capital One Travel, you earn 5X miles on flights and 10X miles on hotels—including the Lifestyle and Premier Collections, which offer enriching benefits at a curated selection of resorts and properties worldwide—so wanderlust seekers can always be fueling their next adventure. Plus, Venture X cardholders gain access to a wide range of immersive experiences and exclusive events through Capital One Dining and Capital One Entertainment.

And mark your calendar: Capital One has partnered with the travel trendsetters and culture experts at PRIOR to launch a trio of bespoke trips in 2024 that are available to Venture X cardholders on Capital One Entertainment. Each of the carefully selected international destinations will spotlight a vivid cultural festival with a world-renowned chef: Seville for La Feria de Jerez with José Andrés (May); Paris for Bastille Day with Dominique Crenn (July); and Oaxaca with Alex Ruiz for Día de los Muertos (October). 

Like any true design devotee, we jumped at the chance to sneak a peek at the Oaxaca itinerary—which didn’t disappoint, with walkabouts through the heart of the historic center that weave in cool design shops and atmospheric eateries, as well as pilgrimages outside the city to visit artisan communities steeped in tradition. With Venture X in your wallet, the Mexican city cracks open as a hotbed for culture, craft, and culinary gems. Here’s a taste of what cardholders can expect: 

Where to Stay

Hotel Escondido

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

Alighting at Hotel Escondido, in the heart of Oaxaca, is a little like taking a mini tour of the city: a place where old (early-19th-century adobe family home) and new (adjoining Brutalist tower) seamlessly braid together—with the connecting thread being beautiful Mexican craft and design. Dreamed up by architect Alberto Kalach, the 12-room retreat features locally made textiles, pottery, and woven palm pieces set against a backdrop of cool concrete and lush greenery. (Hint: Next year, Venture X guests will stay at Otro Oaxaca, a sister Grupo Habita property that’s also part of Capital One’s Premier Collection of luxury hotels around the world. Almost every corner of Otro is conceived for chill time, but the minimalist rooftop with pool, stunning panoramic views, and mezcal-centric patio bar takes things to the next level.)

Where to Eat & Drink


Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

Overlooking the Temple of Santo Domingo, a former convent dating back to the 16th century, Cobarde has a similarly contemplative effect: Wood chairs glide across polished concrete floors and red brick walls cocoon diners, putting the focus on the food. Chef Pako Cortes’s Asian-influenced dishes, such as gochujang-braised chicken dumplings served dim sum style and grilled fish with yuzu kosho sauce, bring Zen and Zapotec to the table. Much like giant hand-blown glass vessels that age the house mezcal, the laid-back fine dining spot can seem like a delicious laboratory.  

Cocina de Humo

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

To experience the region’s rich culinary heritage in one meal is impossible, but Cocina de Humo comes close. Chef Thalía Barrios sources all her ingredients from her hometown of San Mateo Yucutindoo, located four hours west of Oaxaca, and transforms them over a traditional wood-fired comal to evoke the home kitchens of Yucutindoo. The unique flame-kissed dishes (the restaurant’s name translates to “smoke kitchen”) have won Barrios accolades since opening in 2021. On your way out, be sure to pick up ceramic serving ware like the ones used at dinner (we’re partial to the spiky cups that mimic the local pochote tree) in the clay shop at the front of the building. 

Hacienda Guadalupe

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

Located 40 minutes south east of Oaxaca, and surrounded by fields of corn and agaves, the wonderfully eclectic Hacienda Guadalupe is both off the beaten path and a hub for creativity. Owners Raúl Cabra and Michael Sledge have created a fluid space that spans design, literature, and gastronomy—and includes the satellite design shops Oaxifornia in Oaxaca and the newly opened La Embajada in Austin, Texas—with the shared goal of exchanging ideas and supporting local makers. From the traditional open kitchen, Venture X cardholders are treated to an in-depth mezcal tasting (bring your notebook!) with an expert from Mezcaloteca, the old-school Oaxacan-based distillery that boasts an encyclopedic spirits selection.

City Market & Portozuelo

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee
Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

What better way to kick off a morning in Oaxaca than by touring a buzzing neighborhood market? Under the guidance of Oaxacan native Alex Ruiz, one of southern Mexico’s most famed chefs, Venture X cardholders explore stalls for fragrant pineapples, fresh-pressed tortilla, homemade mole, and more. With market totes (and bellies!) full, the group heads an hour south to Portozuelo. The organic garden and farm that supplies Ruiz’s two restaurants, Casa Oaxaca and Oaxacalifornia, is a destination in its own right. Lunch begins with appetizers whipped up on an open fire—memelitas con queso (griddled masa discs with cheese), quesadillas con epazote (a leafy Mexican herb), and salsa prepared fresh in a stone mortar—followed by a private cooking class for Venture X members and a family-style meal at the long communal table.

Where to Shop & What to See

Teotitlán del Valle 

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

Making a pilgrimage to this cultural epicenter, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Juarez mountains, is an experience and an education rolled into one. Founded in the 15th century, the Zapotec community’s many family-owned workshops have lovingly preserved centuries-old rug and textile weaving traditions.

Casa Don Taurino

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

One stand-out in Teotitlán del Valle is Casa Don Taurino, where Angelica Torres uses natural dyes made from indigo, marigold, and cochineal to color the linen for her line of modern clothing, María Ospina (our pick: the boxy blouses in perfectly sun-faded hues). Get a behind-the-loom glimpse at production processes around town before going about the arduous task of sifting through which treasures to bring home. 

Casa Viviana

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

Follow the scent of burning wood and beeswax down a quiet street in Teotitlán del Valle, and you’ll find 76-year-old Doña Viviana Alávez, a fourth-generation candle maker and matriarch of Casa Viviana. Her intricate floral creations (which can have upwards of 1,000 layers of poured wax) are made using her family’s heirloom molds, then bleached in the sun and dyed brilliant colors with natural pigments. Venture X cardholders can get a hands-on feel for the craftsmanship involved with a private candle making tutorial in the courtyard.

Centro Histórico

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

Oaxaca’s historic city center is best explored by foot. You can easily pass the day zig zagging the cobblestone streets peppered with brightly colored buildings—especially during Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), when a rainbow of streamers flutter in the breeze and giant skeleton sculptures pop up. If you know where to look, you can also find some of the most unique shops for mementos and gifts. Just make sure to pack an extra bag!

Khadi Oaxaca

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

A collective of more than 650 artisans of Zapotec origin, this gallery and workshop supports ancestral practices at every stage of production, from cotton farming to hand-stitching the textiles. Our tip: You can buy Khadi’s beautifully made cotton fabrics by the meter in dozens of weaves and colorways to create your own custom soft goods back home.


Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

Set against pink plaster walls, everything at this concept shop takes on a covetable glow—from a rough-edge pleated top and cool crochet separates to candy-colored glassware and electric-hued incense cones. Each piece spotlights trend-setting brands from around Latin America, like Colombian leather goods purveyor Ballen and cult Peruvian knitwear line Mozhdeh Matin. To best strategize your purchases, be sure to grab a coffee (or glass of natural wine) at the adjoining pink-and-green-tiled Bocaflor bar.

Panteón General

Photography by Daniel Seung Lee

Timed to culminate on the eve of Día de los Muertos, the Capital One x PRIOR trip concludes by walking to this historic cemetery after dusk, where families gather to lay altars for loved ones. The rolling hills glow with thousands of candles and the scent of cedar, pine, and marigold fills the air. Contemplative, magical, and quietly festive, the holiday is a reminder of all to appreciate.  

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