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Photography by Allison Corona; Courtesy of Juniper Interiors

Potatoes, hot springs, river rafting, and…soaring home values? Idaho is now known for all these things. Architecture Lab recently used data from Zillow to compare the average home value of 2013 and 2023 in every state to see where the most significant increases were. It turns out, the mountainous Northwestern state has come out on top. Idaho has experienced the biggest spike (171.03 percent to be exact), with 2013’s average value coming in at $159,567 and jumping to $432,476 in 2023. Here’s a look at the 10 states that have seen the largest leaps in home values, and what that average increase translates to in dollars. 

  1. Idaho ($287,665)
  2. Florida ($250,874)
  3. Nevada ($294,686)
  4. Georgia ($208,490)
  5. Arizona ($285,003)
  6. Utah ($344,212)
  7. Washington ($396,512)
  8. Colorado ($385,438)
  9. Montana ($291,949)
  10. Tennessee ($203,414)

When you think of homes in Idaho, you probably picture a cozy log cabin or traditional modern farmhouse, but looking back at some of our favorite projects in the state, we uncovered so much more than rustic charm. Here are four Idaho homes that have no shortage of clever ideas. 

The One With the Custom-Looking IKEA Pax Closet

Before Julia and Chris Marcum moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, they called this six-bedroom Tudor in Idaho Falls home. When the design blogger duo was quoted a cool $30,000 to have a walk-in closet built from scratch, they turned to IKEA’s beloved Pax system and pulled it off for a mere $3,000.

The One That Proves the Power of Paint

Photography by Allison Corona; Courtesy of We Three Design
Photography by Allison Corona; Courtesy of We Three Design

Kirsten Grove, Sam Salinas, and Bernadette Lindstrom, the trio behind We Three Design, brought this Nampa home’s 1902 character back to life, largely thanks to smart paint choices. The kitchen is swathed in Sherwin-Williams’s Rock Bottom, a moody green-gray that even makes the brick backsplash feel modern. In one of the bedrooms, they drenched the walls, ceiling, window trim, and medallion in Autumn Orchid.

The One With a Warm Welcome

Photography by Allison Corona; Courtesy of Juniper Interiors

Juniper Interiors opted for the ultimate first impression in this Idaho Falls home with white oak herringbone flooring and a steel arched door.

The One That’s All About the Vanities  

An important material for any mountain house is wood, but Yond Interiors didn’t go the expected pine route for this Sun Valley home. In the bathrooms, the firm introduced white oak vanities with elevated details like long integrated handles and prominent rails and stiles. The math is all making sense now.