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Leanne Ford has always held unconventional stances regarding design—she’ll cover a home in ivy because it’s “worth the risk” and lop the legs off a dining table to make it work for a living room. It all boils down to doing what makes her (or her clients) happy. So it’s not all that surprising that Ford has serious thoughts on decorating your home for resale value. She simply says don’t

In a recent Instagram post, the designer shared her best piece of advice for anyone embarking on their interior design journey: Don’t worry about the next person. “Make it how you love it while you’re in it,” she wrote. Ford goes on to explain that so many people think about the short term and the potential of selling, but in reality, they’ll end up living in a place for 10-plus years and never do anything to make it feel like them. Ford adds that there will always be someone who either likes what you’ve done or sees the potential to bring their own vision to life.

According to commenters, the designer makes a solid case. One follower with regrets shared that they installed a dishwasher for better resale value, but they’ve been in the same home for 30 years and haven’t used the appliance once. Another said she swathed her bathroom in bold Mexican floor tile despite her grandmother’s advice and doesn’t regret it one bit. Someone even noted that after adding eclectic touches to their mid-century modern home, it still sold before they could even put up the “For Sale” sign. Sometimes it pays off the most when you’re not focused just on the profit.