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Home Front is a weekly deep dive into the rising—and returning—trends, decor, and teeniest of design details fresh on our radar. Last week, Julie, Domino’s deputy editor, got in bed—and stayed there.

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Not to be a total downer, but lately I’ve been sick. As in, curled up in bed with tissues and a thermometer sick. And though I’m finally starting to feel better, this time of rest has taught me that not leaving your mattress for extended periods of time can be healing for your body—and your mind. The practice is so legit that it even has a not-so-sexy name: bed-rotting.

On Board

Photography Courtesy of Dusen Dusen

Bed-rotting. Hurkle-durkle. Plain old laziness. Whatever you call it, staying in bed well after your alarm has gone off is a certified trend. This is one I can get behind: There’s nothing I love more than waking up, grabbing a book, and lounging with my duvet until I really have to get up. In fact, TikTokers (beacons of truth and science as they may be) even call it self-care. According to a New York Times article, actual sleep experts agree, saying it can be harmless in moderation. And I, very much not a sleep expert, say that if you’re going to be spending extra time in bed—sick or otherwise—why not make it the most stylish and comfortable experience possible?

Here are the things I spend my waking hours thinking about:

  1. While I was sick, I devoured this novel about a woman who plans a solo cross-country road trip but never makes it farther than just outside her town. There’s even a redecorating moment! That’s all I’ll say.
  2. It’s linen-sheets-only in my household until October, and these don’t stretch out as much as the other ones I’ve tried.
  3. Trust me: Terrycloth is too heavy for all-day lounging. This cotton and linen robe breathes, plus it’s cute enough to wear while answering the door for delivery ramen.
  4. This durable mug prevents spills and keeps bevvies hot for hours, which is important if you don’t plan on getting up for a while.
  5. Ellen Van Dusen makes the best dopamine-inducing bedding on the planet. Her new Mist duvet set, complete with tissues and snacks, perfects my spend-the-day-in-bed aesthetic.
  6. Sleep tracker, temperature taker, and jewelry. If you’re gonna rot in bed all day, you might as well track your “progress”—and look good doing it. I never sleep without mine.
  7. I’ve had these pillows for years, and they still fluff up beautifully while adding just-right support for a stomach sleeper like me.
  8. Until tissue companies finally come out with a stylish cardboard box, I’ll be covering mine up with this bright merino wool and felt version.
  9. Without space for a proper nightstand and as a firm believer that lap trays are too precarious, I rely on this bucket stool, which I can easily move from room to room—that is, if I move at all.
  10. I can’t tell you how many pots of tea I (er, my husband) brewed in this while I was bedridden. And because our kettle holds 34 ounces, I never had to go to the kitchen for a refill.
  11. On a recent trip to Stockholm, I got fitted—yes, you read that right—for a Hästens bed, and it turns out I’m a 2000T girl. It’s made by hand with horsehair and costs about as much as a down payment, but after sleeping on it for a few days, I’d say homeownership is overrated.
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