The Surprising Reason 73% of Homeowners Are Taking On More Yard Work This Year

Are you one of them?

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Photography by Minta Maria

Many of us think spoiling our pets means letting them sleep on the bed, but those of us with yards have other ideas. According to a recent survey conducted by Angi, 73 percent of homeowners said they take on more lawn maintenance than necessary for their prized fur babies. From ensuring they have a lush place to wander to putting in the best sod, which includes varieties like Kentucky bluegrass, Zoysia, and Bahia, people are rolling out the green carpet for their animals. 

In particular, Maryland residents seem to be the most invested in their outdoor settings—it’s the state where every single respondent admitted to going the extra mile for their furry friends. No matter where you live, though, you can create an oasis that’s ideal for you and your four-legged family members with these ideas. 

Surround Your Space With Pooch-Friendly Plants 

Photography by Anita Kot/Getty Images

When pet-proofing our homes, we often start inside, but choosing the right landscaping is equally important. Steer clear of plants like oleander and lilies that could cause harm if your dog gets curious and decides to snack on them. 

Host a Puppy Pool Party

Photography by Meghan McNeer

For those with canine companions, a portable swimming hole provides a refreshing place to beat the heat while having a good time. Even better? There’s an abundance of styles and patterns on the market (from inflatables with graphic prints to foldable faux terrazzo options) that won’t clash with stylish outdoor furniture. 

Invest in Pee-Proof Landscaping

Courtesy of Whitney Leigh Morris

Take inspiration from Whitney Leigh Morris and her tiny bungalow, where the walls are adorned with greenery and the ground is left for something more practical—hassle-free gravel that can be easily hosed down. Embrace this low-maintenance alternative and you can let your pups roam freely without worrying about grass stains or muddy paws making their way inside at the end of the day.