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As our lives evolve, the dining room might flex as kitchen storage overflow, or a guest space will turn into a playroom. And in the best-case scenario, our biggest pieces of furniture evolve with us. The Better Homes & Gardens Springwood Caning TV Stand—available now at Walmart—is a prime example of an item that can adapt as you need it to. While it works wonders with a TV perched on top for movie marathons (it’s roomy enough for a 60-inch screen), the console can also be used in many other ways throughout your home thanks to its flexible shelving and stylish rattan front. Curious about where—and how—it can fit in? Keep reading. 

We Found 4 Uses for This Media Console—And Only One Is in the Living Room
Better Homes & Gardens Springwood Caning TV Stand, Walmart ($247)

Rearrange the Living Room

We’re all up to speed on the versatility of a coffee table placed in the center of a living room, but one overlooked vignette that deserves a shout-out is the space behind the sofa. Instead of propping the couch against the wall, bring it toward the middle and add the BHG console behind it for a creative styling (and storage) solution. At 57 inches long, the credenza won’t take up too much space, but it will still offer an additional surface to play around with: Partition out the top with trays, display your favorite coffee-table books, or reserve it for charcuterie boards when hosting. The hidden shelving behind the woven fronts ensure that remotes, chargers, and other living room clutter can remain out of sight.

Sneak Extra Storage Into Your Dining Room

If you’re short on kitchen cabinet space (aren’t we all?), this console is a smart option to put in the dining room. Use it to stow (as well as display) dishware, utensils, linens, and other items you don’t reach for on the reg—to be pulled out when friends and family arrive. Plus you can get creative with the open shelving in the center, creating a pint-size bar for guests (or let’s be real…yourself) to enjoy at a moment’s notice. When all the hosting pieces are on the dining table, transform the top of the credenza into a photo-worthy moment with florals, plants, and candles.

Give Your Kids More Autonomy 

Kids’ rooms don’t have to be all pastels and primary-colored plastic. The elevated dark-stained wood and woven panels on this console balance out the bright playthings and books. The hidden shelving on the sides is also a great starting point for teaching the ABC’s of tidying up—designate toys, clothes, or blankets a specific spot, then encourage your kids to return those things to their new homes. Small touches like bin organizers with handy finger pulls and turntables will help spruce it up, while ensuring little ones can reach all the way to the back without the help of a grown-up.

Make an Organized Entrance

Is your “entryway” really a glorified hallway? This console is the next best thing to a proper closet, not to mention it’s an eye-catching piece to greet your guests. Slide baskets for hats and other seasonal gear into the middle shelves and stick shoes in the cabinets. Don’t forget some trays to catch keys and corral mail on top. Bonus: The console is low-profile enough to install hooks on the wall above it for everyday purses and coats—or even hang a mirror for a quick outfit check on your way out.

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