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Photography by Melinda Sue Gordon/©Universal/Courtesy of Everett Collection

We’ll admit it: We’ve watched Nancy Meyers’s The Holiday in the middle of July. Yes, the film is centered around Christmastime, but that’s not why we’re there. We seek constant design inspiration from Meyers’s movies, be it Father of the Bride or Something’s Gotta Give. Every shelf is layered with books and objects; every yard stars immaculately potted plants; every French door is framed by a puddle of drapery. They are the epitome of warmth. 

Photography by Melinda Sue Gordon/Universal Pictures

And you don’t actually have to stream one of her movies to get your fix. You can just log onto Pinterest. According to the platform’s summer 2024 trends report, “Nancy Meyers core” is in full swing, with searches for “Nancy Meyers living room” up +2090% from this same time last year. To get at the root of what it is we’re all hunting for, we took a closer look at the living room belonging to Meryl Streep’s character in It’s Complicated (2009). Turns out, there are seven easy steps you can take to nail her living room recipe. 

Start With a Sisal Rug Foundation 

That warm beige glow doesn’t come from nowhere: It stems from underfoot. Meyers’s spaces are often anchored by a large, durable sisal area rug that instantly brightens up dark wood floors and beams.

Bring Back Slipcovered Chairs

There is nothing more casual than a slipcover you can rip off a chair or sofa and throw in the washing machine, but Meyers always makes the easy-living staple look elevated by opting for crisp white fabric. 

Mix and Match Your Table Lamps

You’re either an overhead lighting person or you’re not—and the director is clearly in the latter camp. Instead of relying on harsh ceiling cans, her living rooms are peppered with table lamps of all shapes, sizes, and shade styles. 

Use Stackable Baskets as Side Tables

Storage side tables do exist, but they’re often sleek and round. This alternative solution calls for a few lidded baskets—the extra texture will make your living room feel even cozier, plus they just hold a lot of stuff. 

Add Storage in the Form of an Antique-Looking Armoire

wood armoire
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You won’t find a throw blanket bin in this living room arrangement. We assume Streep’s character stuffed her extra linens (along with board games and a small TV) inside her wood armoire.    

Stick With Neutral Pillows

Meyers tends to keep her pops of color minimal with a singular armchair or cashmere throw. So her pillow assortments typically skew toward the pale brown and creamy white family, often with a hint of a floral print or fun trim. 

Filter Light With Colorful Window Treatments 

Her love of soft linen fabrics extends all the way to the windows, where you’re bound to find terracotta- or almond-hued roman shades. Now you can give your search bar a break.