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If you can’t eat before taking a photo, this is the app for you. Wine ‘n Dine is the new Instagram-for-food app celebs quickly fell in love with. Gigi and Bella Hadid are both avid users, as are sisters of a certain family beginning with K…The premise is simple. Photograph a dish you love, and post it to Wine ‘n Dine with location info, your rating of the dish, and any comments you’d like to add. Followers give feedback via “likes” or “wanna trys”. The app is a pre-vacation must to discover retaurants and dishes to try during your travels. 

Who to follow: 

Gigi Hadid: Chef BoyarGi
Elana Levin: FashFoodies
Kendall Jenner: Kenny The Chef
Bella Hadid: Looka The Flicka Da Wrist
Claudia Oshry: girlwithnojob
Devon Windsor: Devwindsor