Published on October 17, 2015

by Lynn Byrne 

As the cooler months begin to slowly creep upon us, having an arsenal of go-to soup recipes is a must. From flavorful meat-filled chilis to vegetarian soups, we’ve rounded up five recipes destined to warm you up in no time. 

Incredibly warming split pea soup and filling barley combine in this hearty (and flavorful!) soup. Barley helps to keep cholesterol at bay, while a touch of shredded ham brings the perfect amount of protein.

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Italian cannellini beans and shredded chicken pair beautifully in this rustic soup. By combining crispy bacon and hearty orzo pasta, this dish features everything: crunch, flavor, and bite. Pair it with toasted ciabatta and bitter greens salad to complete the meal. 

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Escape to New England… or at least have a soup that tastes like it! Whether you live in the Northeast or not, making this clam and corn chowder is a cinch. Protein-rich clams and crunchy corn make for a wintertime staple. Best part? When grocery shopping feels like a chore, some ingredients can be swapped out for pantry staples (think canned corn and clams)—perfect for those nights when trekking outside seems like a burden.

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Vitamin-rich zucchini and hearty arborio rice make a superb duo in this gluten free soup. If you’re feeing extra festive, add in chopped butternut squash and chicken for a protein-rich meal. Garnish with parmesan cheese and serve with toasted, whole grain bread. 

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Soup so easy it’s ready in 20 minutes. Creamy garlic and Tuscan white beans simmer in an olive oil and butter-based broth that’s perfect for an appetizing meal on the fly. Serve with homemade croutons and nutty asiago cheese for a pungent meal. 

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