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If you prioritize personal style, the best interior accents will always be the ones that are totally unique to your space. A bit of detective work is required when you’re on the hunt for pieces that your friends won’t also have, and while vintage shopping and small, independent shops and brands certainly offer plenty of special goods, there’s another option you might be missing out on: jewelry shops.

Though unexpected, I’ve found that jewelry shops have some of the best decor items around. Many independent jewelry brands and boutiques already prioritize making and finding truly standout pieces, so curating or designing interior accents can be second nature—you just have to know where to look. These five jewelry retailers have a keen eye for design, and they make home shopping even more of a thrill.

If You Like All Things Organic: Love Adorned

With locations in Soho, Santa Monica, and the Hamptons, this store is best known for its premium piercing services and luxury jewelry collection, though it also has a significantly sized assortment of home offerings. Think: minimally boho wellness goods and organically shaped pottery, which will work together to transform your room into a serene spa.

White Soap Dish With Drain, $35

A cute drainage pipe keeps this soap dish looking clean the more you use it. Plus, its hand-glazed surface grants it an earthy appeal that fits well with a bohemian or Scandinavian aesthetic.

courtesy of courtesy of Love Adorned

Vetiver Tassel, $15

There’s no reason why your shower can’t feel like a spa, without spending the big bucks. Hang this $15 accent on a hook in your bathroom, and steam will help it to release its calming, grassy fragrance.

courtesy of Love Adorned

Leather and Brass Magazine Rack, $330

That growing pile of New Yorkers isn’t the most elevated room accent—but when stowed in an expertly crafted brass-and-leather magazine rack, they transform into something exquisite. If you’re trying to save space when hosting a soirée, just fold it up and set it to the side.

If You’re a Hopeless Romantic: Catbird

Most beloved for its dainty, easy-to-layer rings and necklaces, Catbird also happens to carry a bevy of tiny, giftable trinkets. Some items (like ring holders and small trays) make attractive and functional solutions for jewelry storage, and others—like Catbird’s in-house candle line—create a calming ambiance with ease.

courtesy of Catbird

Swan Ring Holder, Catbird Home, $32

Crafted by a small, family-owned and run shop in India, this Catbird-exclusive ring dish makes a lovely solution for tiny, precious object storage—you’ll never misplace your precious earrings or stackable rings again.

courtesy of Catbird

Snake Tray, John Derian, $48

The wide-eyed snake on this velvet-backed tray gives the piece plenty of personality. The decoupage design has an antique look that makes it look far pricier than it really is.

courtesy of Catbird

Tarot Deck Candle, Catbird Home, $38

Notes of pencil shavings, incense, and Turkish rose give this tarot-themed candle an appropriate air of mystery. With a 70 hour burn time, it’s the perfect candle to light up before an evening of nesting in with a good book—and maybe a well-worn pack of tarot cards.

If You Keep Things Simple: Seaworthy

Portland-based Seaworthy gained a reputation for its architectural brass earrings, but it’s also started to slowly edge into the home sphere. Right now, its offerings are a bit limited, but are always well-made—look here to find earthy, minimalist options that take care in their details.

courtesy of Seaworthy

Palo Santo Set, $70

The sweet, faintly woody scent of Palo Santo can cleanse your space aromatically (and also, if you believe it, spiritually). Seaworthy founder Marisa Howard designed the bronze-cast vessel included in this set, which can hold a single stick upright as it burns. This wood burns very slowly, so three sticks can last months, depending on how often you light it up.

courtesy of Seaworthy

Brass Salt Spoon and Ceramic Cellar, $54

Good salt (like Maldon or even Fleur de Sel) instantly makes any meal just a little fancier—and a speckled cellar that comes with a handmade brass spoon elevates it even more. Consider this a kitchen accessory that allows you to indulge just a little bit more in everyday activities… and toss your boring salt shaker for good.

courtesy of Seaworthy

Cactus Dish, $106

This bronze-cast dish provides a handy place to stash assorted trinkets. It’s hard to forget your keys when you have such a delightful vessel to toss them in.

If You’re All About Quality Curation: StillHouse NYC

Okay, okay—StillHouse does bill itself as a store for both jewelry and home goods, but its mastery of the two is exceedingly impressive. Its jewelry collection (which ranges in price from as low as $13 for a pair of earrings, to around $5k for an engagement ring) is designed in-house, while its homewares are masterfully curated. Look here for simple, refined vases, plates, and planters.

courtesy of StillHouse

Small Blue Plate, Hasami, $16

Buy a couple of these microwave and dishwasher-safe plates, and your serving situation will feel instantly more special. Its ¾-inch walled perimeter makes it particularly striking, and even more pleasing when stacked.

courtesy of StillHouse

10″ Topaz Spike Bowl, Hudson Beach Glass, $110

The fogged, amber-hued glass of this bowl lends it warmth, making it a handsome homeware for autumn and winter. Use it to serve food or hold fruit, or place a few choice design accents (like spherical ornaments) in it instead.

courtesy of StillHouse

Sphere Incense Holder, Hakuhodo Sumitani Saburo, $9

With its super simple structure, this Japanese-made incense holder is a striking and surprisingly affordable accent. Snag one for yourself and a friend—all for under $20.

If You Dream of the ’90s: Wasted Effort

The more eccentric pick of the bunch, Wasted Effort uses non-traditional materials like plexiglass, acetate, and acrylic in both its jewelry collection (composed of squiggly, abstract earrings, bracelets, and more) and its home goods. Though its home offerings may not be large in number, they’re massive in impact thanks to their blend of nostalgic kitsch and futuristic materials.

Shapes Hanging Mobile, $150

Place this abstract mobile near a window, and its hand-cut copper and brass shapes will reflect light in different ways as the day goes on. At nighttime, it still looks just as cool.

Zoa Plant Stand, $118

This squiggly lucite plant stand can also work as a display structure for any kind of art object, or even a stack of your favorite books. The organic cut-out shapes that speckle its surface lend it a ’90s-inspired appeal.

courtesy of Wasted Effort

Pyramid Treasure Candles, $20

Few candles get even better the longer they’re burnt—but these hand-poured pyramids have a surprise inside. Each one contains a crystal, so even after the wax has all melted down, you still have a pretty object to hold onto.

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