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Last year, touch-free kitchen faucets became a hit in the battle to keep germs away. But that technology hadn’t made it to the bathroom—until now. 

In the latest Fixr Home Trend report, 50 percent of design experts predict that touchless bathroom fixtures will be 2021’s most popular new home feature. Not only is washing hands now an everyday habit to halt the spread of viruses like COVID-19, but at-home upgrades can help us feel less stressed while we all adapt to this new normal. Big brands such as Kohler and Moen have clearly taken note, announcing a bunch of high-tech, hands-free launches in the near future.

In the meantime, read on for our selection of the most attractive—and hygienic—touchless bathroom fixtures. 

All Eyes on Hands-Free Toilets

Trone’s made-in-France tiered designs are so beautiful it’s hard to believe they’re toilets—plus they are equipped with innovative air-handling technology that destroys odors. If you’re feeling fancy, Kohler is about to launch an intelligent toilet with a connected app: Each person in the household will be able to create personalized presets, from water temperature to cleansing pressure and ambience. You can also opt for a touchless toilet flush kit with an automatic motion sensor; it’s easy to install and doesn’t require you to replace your current toilet.

 All Hands-Off Faucet Handles

Moen’s Cia collection is the brand’s first to feature its MotionSense Wave technology on bathroom faucets. Although several finishes are available, the matte black version is our favorite. As for Gessi’s new technology, it allows you to choose the sensor’s spot: It can be incorporated into the body, into the spout, or on a remote plate, so you don’t have to make any compromises. Elkay’s  brass design is perfect for minimalist bathrooms, where its sophisticated shape will blend right in.