big ideas for tiny bathrooms

12 style-savvy solutions to help you make the most of your space.
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copy that

Instill a sense of added depth with a strategic placement of mirrored accent pieces, to help reflect light throughout the cozy layout.

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go green 

We love the idea of brightening up a tiny space with natural accents. Bring the outdoors in with potted plants on chic stools and an assortment of hanging succulents.

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Keep drawers clutter-free with organizational trays to house that ever-growing collection of skincare and beauty buys.

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whitewashed wonder

The simplest way to make the most of a small space? Consider an all-white palette to conceal the structural definition of the room.

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boundless buys

If you have the luxury of picking out a sink, opt for one with ample

space above the

basin to store the basics – in lieu of a bulky medicine cabinet. 

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scale down

An intricate tile design can help accentuate the visual depth of a space, subtly distorting the actual proportions of the room.

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think bright

Dress the walls with a cheery hue, to instantly uplift the intimate aesthetic!

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define the height

Making the ceiling soar by fastening the shower curtain directly underneath it, creating an illusion of added height.

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shelf life

Lacking room for all those odds and ends? Install floating shelves above the sink (sans mirror) or alongside the shower, to double as a handy catch-all.

White and Wood Bathroom

lights on

When it comes to small spaces, good lighting can make all the difference. No windows? Position a pair of chic sconces on either sides of a mirrored medicine cabinet for optimal exposure and ample sources of light. 

diy decor

Fasten hooks underneath a floating shelf for added storage, and complement the look with an assortment of stools for towels, plants, and various bathroom basics.