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There’s something magical about these early spring mornings: the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the sound of birds chirping coming from the wide-open windows when the streets are still quiet, the fresh breeze streaming in, the first sunbeams flooding the desk – when spring arrives, there’s this feeling of „everything’s possible“ in the air. At the same time, the beginning of spring will always remind me of how I started Best Wishes Magazine almost 2 years ago after I had just moved to Berlin. Fueled by the spring sun and the endless motivation and energy to start something new, the whole city seems to wake up after another long and cold winter: the first time of the year of eating ice cream at your favorite parlor, the first lunch al fresco with friends, the first long evening walk to end another sunny day. We then like to spend as much time outside as possible, surrounded by nature, and when living in a big city like Berlin, it’s even more important to never stop being ama-zed by your surroundings – even if it’s just the butterfly in the air while waiting at a red light. And especially in Berlin, many green areas have been taken over by people to turn them into something new:

Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer Feld is one of these spaces that make Berlin the special place it is. The former airport is now a public park where people can enjoy the widest view in the city – much beloved by resi-dents and visitors alike. Children are chasing each other on the former runways, couples are en-joying their free time while running or biking – a visit to Tempelhof always feels like a day spent by the sea. On weekends, people are flocking the fields for some sunbathing and barbecue and the-re’s also a small urban gardening area where you can grow your own greens.


Another empty lot-turned-public space is Prinzessinnengarten, a one-of-a-kind urban gardening project. Although situated in-between the hustle and bustle of Kreuzberg, the city life seems far away while planting your own fruits and vegetables. Besides many workshops and lectures on na-tural and sustainable food, there’s also a small café serving vegetarian lunch made with all the goods freshly picked from the garden. Every single day, it comes as a surprise to what’s on the menu, depending on the availability, but still every time it’s a wonderful combination of fresh fla-vors. Sitting in the shade of the trees with birds chirping in the background, it’s a beautiful scenery to just live for the moment.