Published on March 1, 2015

The at-home bar cart has existed for decades, but never has it seemed so ubiquitous and stylish as in recent years. Whether perusing Pinterest, shelter magazines, or home decor blogs, you’re bound to come across a plethora of gorgeous bar cart options and styling tips. Unfortunately, not all spaces are large enough to accommodate a full sized bar cart. If this is the case in your home, not to worry – with a little creativity, you can fashion a tabletop bar no matter what your square footage. Here are some stylish examples to get the inspiration flowing.

Blogger Emily Schuman created a stylish tabletop bar in her home office above. A lucite tray looks especially appealing and modern, and can be large enough to accommodate glassware.

Michelle Adams created a casual tabletop bar in the dining room of her NYC apartment by using a small vanity tray atop a vintage dresser. Typically such a tray would hold jewelry or perfume, but it can easily be repurposed to hold small bottles of spirits for a surprising and different look.

Jane Herman brilliantly covered up that trademark eyesore of NYC apartments, the radiator, with a cleverly placed tabletop – a trick which she learned from Domino! This created a perfect space on which to fashion a well-stocked bar tray.

Katherine Vo created an especially glamorous bar setup by coordinating her glassware and liquor bottles with the already existing decor pieces. She also placed pretty glasses atop a pile of books, for an unexpected and stylish look!
Creating a tabletop bar couldn’t be simpler. All you need to get started is a gorgeous tray, and a tabletop! How easy is that? Once those two elements are in place you can have fun filling your tray with gorgeous glassware, some pretty liquor bottles, and accessories like coasters, a bottle opener, napkins, cute straws…whatever you love. So if a bar cart won’t fit into your current floor plan, not to worry. The tabletop bar is an attractive and budget-friendly alternative!