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Projectors are great in theory. You get a movie theater–size screen and relative portability, plus they’re small space–friendly. So you buy one and then you have to deal with the finicky ceiling install or HDMI adapter—or, in my case, a precious stack of books on the coffee table—to get the angle just right. But 2022 is the year that all changes. Samsung has decided to fix all of our silver-screen woes with the launch of its new projector: the Freestyle

A bite-size device (it’s only 7 inches tall), the Freestyle looks more like a chic security camera than a screening tool. The attached stand (that swivels!) allows the gadget to automatically adjust the angle of the projection without missing a beat, even if you accidentally nudge it with your foot. Did we mention it’s cordless, too? Freestyle connects via Bluetooth and is powered by a rechargeable battery.

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The game changer: It comes with a light socket adapter. Yes, you can screw the projector into anywhere there’s a lightbulb. Track lighting, done. Table lamp, yep, even there. The device’s increased flexibility (and picture quality) means that you can use it on the porch for outdoor movie night. In Samsung’s showroom at the Consumer Technology Association trade show last week, the brand highlighted its adaptability by projecting an animated tablescape down onto a dinner table from an overhead pendant lamp. Who needs ambient lighting when the latest Wes Anderson is playing on the wall?