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We’re dedicated to rewriting the rules for the next gen of renovators to spark creativity, inspire bold choices, and empower all of your sawdust-filled daydreams. Read on for our must-know tips.

Rethink the Basics

They are classics for a reason. Checkerboard floors, glossy subway tile, stripes, shiplap—make them your own in unexpected proportions, finishes, and patterns in a boundary-pushing palette.

IKEA Is a Starting Point…for Everything!

Edit the Scandi staple’s collection for functionality and shape, then customize with paint, color, and hardware. At Domino, IKEA hacks are their own religion.

Renters Should Reno

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t switch up lighting, paint, backsplashes, and hardware to make a home feel like you. Those personal touches can totally refresh a space—and can come with you to your next place.

Function First

Decide on what you need a room or space to do—how you really want to experience it—and build a layout that supports that. Also, comfort rules! We’re in a time when coziness is more important than ever. Truly LIVE in every room in your home.

Bend Your Budget

Transformations don’t have to be expensive, and knowing your budget doesn’t have to be limiting—let it empower you to get creative and decide where you want to splurge (it’s okay to spend extra on appliances) and save (by painting that room yourself).

Materials Matter

Make the most of how materials work for you. Splurge on hardware because you touch it every day. Shiny = happy. Brass, mirrors, and reflective paint can bounce natural light around and make a space look instantly bigger.

No Carbon Copies

We’re all image obsessed, and Pinterest and Instagram are useful tools for discovering what you love. But don’t feel like you need to re-create a space exactly. Dig into why something resonates with you—tons of sunlight, a paint color that makes you feel good, a cool organization hack that fits your life—and use those ideas as building blocks. You can often achieve a similar result on a budget.

Discovery Is Part of the Fun

Don’t be limited by what resources your contractor says are “easy” and available. Source unique tile, paint, and wallpaper you love from cool independent brands, which can completely transform your space.

There Are No Deal Breakers

Budgets, permits, contractor’s first bids—don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. Take control of your project, do your homework, ask for help, and shop around. If you have a vision, there is always a way to get it done!

Plan, Plan, Plan (and Dream)

Time is on our side right now. We’re nesting more and socializing less. Save your date-night dollars and put them in a reno fund. Use your time during COVID to think about how you want your space to function in the future.

There Is Beauty in the Process

We at Domino are dedicated to showing you the process. The good with the bad, the mistakes and the beauty. When you get your hands dirty, you bring your creativity and grit to a reno.

Make It Personal

Wallpaper a bathroom with family photos, let your kids paint a wall, do the unexpected; your home is meant to be a reflection of you. These are the things that you’ll remember. As my pal Heather Taylor says in our Renovation issue, “A moment of whimsy can stay in your child’s mind and remind them of home forever.”

Take Inspiration From Everywhere…

…a stylish hotel, Airbnb, dramatic restaurant, or iconic space. Ask yourself what appeals to you about it and make it your own.

You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch

Think about what you can keep, repurpose, get vintage, and reinvent. As our Renovation issue cover star, Leanne Ford, says, “I’m not looking for perfect. I’m looking for special.”

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