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NY-based painter Bradley Theodore is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after artists of our generation. His journey began more than five years ago after a chance encounter with Karl Lagerfeld, whose calm demeanor and enchanting aura inspired Theodore to paint him alongside Anna Wintour to portray the deep relationship and spiritual connection between the two friends and fashion icons. With Anna and Karl, painted on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Bradley’s style was born into skeletal portraits whose colors exemplify the emotion and spirit of his subjects.   From then on, Theodore has traveled the globe leaving his signature mark on walls in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Oslo, Miami and Los Angeles.   Returning to NYC for an exclusive collaboration with renowned photographer Antoine Verglas, Theodore projects his artistry from city walls directly onto the female form: “Fashion models wear beauty everyday, what better canvas for art in its purest form than the human body.”  

Together, the creative duo present a compelling display of fashion photography that bring Theodore’s work to animated existence. “When Bradley and I decided to work on this project we wanted to bring art to life and then capture that moment in photos,” says Verglas. “This was the perfect way to do that. We used fashion models to create a living piece of art that can be captured in that moment with movement changing the piece with each pose.”  The collection, rich with emotion and vivid color, will be on display at ACA Galleries on 529 W 20th Street from June 11 to July 31. All photographs are available for purchase directly through ACA Galleries.