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When it comes to decorating with pillows – whether this be in the bedroom, living room, or outdoors – it’s all about finding the best fit for your style and space. From the wildly eclectic and colorful scenes to the more subdued and streamlined aesthetics, here are 12 things you should know about styling your pillows like a pro!

Photography by THE DESIGN CHASER

There’s no such thing as too many patterns, as long as there is a cohesive element to the arrangement. Here, the common thread is a geometric motif, differentiated by a select number of subdued shades.

Photography by FLICKR

Incorporating stripes into a room can get tricky and can run the risk of being a bit too overpowering. Pair a rectangular pillow with a bold stripe design with throw pillows of a softer hue such as dusty rose, soft blues, and grays.


A pop of color is key for the minimalist space – bonus points if it comes in a more bold alternative such as a pink sofa. To keep in line with the streamlined aesthetic, top the sofa with subtly patterned throw pillows of a reserved palette.

Photography by SFGIRLBYBAY

Overly saturated shades can lend an uplifting element to an otherwise whitewashed room. This cluster of throw pillows features a fearless palette of burnt oranges and deep pinks. The velvet-esque material of the pillows also contribute to the scene’s aesthetic.

Photography by THE JUNGALOW

For a Southwest-inspired look, begin with a solid base such as a neutrally-colored sofa or a leather seat. Top with thematically appropriate pillows of a similar color scheme. This will allow for the printed pillows to act as the focal point of the room.

Photography by STUDIO MCGEE

When incorporating floral pillows into your decor, think along the lines of  “less is more”. Complement the statement floral with patterned pillows that share a similar color or style. This eclectic bunch flows together due to the similarities in color tone as well as the make of the fabric.

Photography by ULTRALINX

Pillows of similar material and color make for an effortless pairing best reserved for the clean-cut modern look. Stick to a primarily monochrome scheme with slight variations in tone and pattern.


For the boho-chic space patterns are always strongly encouraged! While in theory these shades may potentially clash with one another, the similarities in pattern and fabric contribute a binding element to the trio. The bold floral backdrop certainly helps accentuate a cohesive element within the room.


A leather sofa often has an overpowering effect within a room. Pairing it with more freely textured or patterned pieces can help downplay the boldness of the sofa, creating a more inviting feel for the space. Opt for pieces such as lamb fur pillows in a neutral shade or indigo throw pillows with a Southwestern make.

Photography by THE CITIZENRY

When mixing and matching pattern, avoid grouping two or more accented pieces to keep the space from feeling overwhelming, especially when the backdrop is an overly textured or boldly colorful seat. Pair an accented piece with a more subtle throw pillow in the back.

Photography by LIFESTYLE94

Wildly textured lamb fur pillows are best when paired with toned-down furnishings such as linen sofas or even this rattan hanging chair!


For the pillow enthusiast, an eclectic assortment entails an arrangement of assorted styles. As the focal base, a trio of geometrically patterned pillows share a complementary palette, setting the tone for the remaining styles. A solid sage green throw pillow lends a binding element to the group while the floral-esque pillows at the ends instill an organic flow to the scene.