Masks Your Skin Will *Literally* Eat Up This Winter

Edible skincare is here to save the day.

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If irony in your skincare is particularly charming to you, you’re going to love this emerging field of food-related masks. Eat your avocado toast while wearing an avocado face mask; sip hot chocolate while a cacao scrub exfoliates dry skin; snack on Greek yogurt while your skin soothes with a Greek yogurt sheet mask.

The trend isn’t just for aesthetics or Instagram posts, though, as food-related skincare works. Whether it comes in the form of DIY masks or the convenience of tried-and-true brands, this nearly edible trend is highly effective. That Greek yogurt? Lactic acid gently soothes and exfoliates skin. Cacao and cocoa? When in its pure, unprocessed form, it’s basically a superfood and can stimulate blood circulation to brighten. Avocado? Think of how rich and decadent the texture is, which becomes powerfully moisturizing and antioxidant-rich on skin. Harness Mother Nature’s powerful ingredients and slather on a few of our favorites.

If You Can’t Say No to Chocolate…

Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask, $38

Cacao is a tree, thus a plant, therefore, chocolate is basically a salad (thank you for coming to my TED talk. Goodnight.). This cacao-based mask is no joke, though. Clean beauty brand Josh Rosebrook was organic before organic was cool, and he’s been leading the field ever since. The cacao mask is still one of its best sellers because it’s insanely effective. It detoxifies and stimulates skin while also nourishing with healing botanicals and boosting collagen production for an ethereal glow. The process is unique too: Apply the mask, let it dry for up to 45 minutes, and then gently exfoliate off. You’ll be slightly red for up to an hour, from the increase in circulation, but you’ll be hooked for life after you see the results. Praise be for chocolate!

If You Always Lick the Bowl…

Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask, $23

Use this mask with caution. It looks like frosting, and then you’ll probably want frosting and the desire will become so strong that you’ll have to get frosting at the corner deli and eat the frosting while this one rest on your face. While this mask looks like just straight-up chocolate cake frosting, it’s actually a blend of coconut milk, cocoa, and honey. Cacao is still going to boost circulation, but the milk and honey will soften and calm skin. So you’ll still get a boosted, radiant glow, but the selfies will be great pre- and post-mask too.

If You Think Avocado Is Life…

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, $45

Get ready to head to church because ’cado class is in session. If you liked Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, then you’ll love this brand-new launch even more. It’s the follow-up to the best seller watermelon option, but this one is more richly hydrating and soothing. The formula is mostly avocado too: 74 percent, with a blend of avocado fruit, avocado extract, avocado oil, and avocado butter (the gang’s all here). Combined with manuka honey, the formula has a healing and luxuriously whipped texture. You can apply it as a sleeping mask for deeper hydrating—just apply before bed and wash off in the morning—or as a quick 10-minute mask for an immediate boost of soothing moisture.

If You Have Yogurt Every Day…

Orgaid Organic Greek Yogurt & Nourishing Sheet Mask, $22 for 4

Remember all those probiotics in your daily yogurt that your gut buddies love? The same science works on your skin too: You’ve got natural flora and a barrier on your face that loves good bacteria too. Restore those microbiome buddies with healthy bacteria, like this soothing and calming sheet mask from organic brand Orgaid. The brand was created by a doctor who studied biomaterials and the effects they have on the body. He turned his attention to skincare, wondering if he could create a nutrient-dense sheet mask that actually delivers ingredients deeper into the face. Thus, this Greek yogurt version that boosts skin with restoring and calming nutrients. Drink up!

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