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Makeup: Juice Beauty

Non-toxic makeup can be a tricky subject. Personally, I love the idea of putting pure, simple products on my face, but I often find myself underwhelmed by the formulas, color options, and packaging of many natural makeup brands. Enter: Juice Beauty. Say what you will about Gwyneth Paltrow, but the woman has some of the best taste out there, so I was thrilled when she decided to bring both her discerning eye and commitment to non-toxic products to the table in her partnership with Juice Beauty. Try the serum foundation and the liquid lipstick; the formulas and the packaging are so luxurious that you’ll never believe how pure the actual products are.

Juice Beauty Serum Foundation, $42, goop.com

Makeup: Kjaer Weis

Certified organic makeup in packaging that looks like mini sculptures? Um, yes. Created by Danish makeup artist Kjaer Weis, it was an eight-year journey to create beautiful, effective cosmetics that used only organic ingredients. No, the products aren’t cheap, but the fact that the brand sells refills for all products makes it more economical and eco-friendly.


Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow, $45, kjaerweis.com

Hair: Rahua

When it comes to all-natural yet salon-quality haircare, Rahua has set a new standard. Founded by an Ecuadorian-born, NYC-based hairstylist, this luxurious line features strengthening Amazonian ungurahua oil and no sketchy chemicals. Plus, all products are made in New York, and the sophisticated bottles will bring a major dose of pretty to your shower.

Rahua Classic Shampoo, $9, shopfollain.com

Skin Care: Kahina Giving Beauty

“Simple pleasure” is a term that’s thrown around alot these days, and the beauty equivalent of this is a midday pick-me-up with a refreshing toning mist. This version from Kahina Giving Beauty is scented with Moroccan desert rose and infused with aloe vera for extra soothing power—plus, the black-and-white bottle will be a beautiful addition to your desk.


Kahina Toning Mist, $46, kahina-givingbeauty.com

Skin Care: One Love Organics

Looking for a new face cream for cooler weather that hits the perfect balance between light and hydrating? Try this new pick from One Love Organics, which contains 50 percent coconut water to keep dehydrated skin healthy and happy without clogging pores. Plus, the lovely white-and-peach jar is guaranteed to make you smile.

One Love Organics Skin Dew Coconut Water Cream, $58, shop.oneloveorganics.com

Skin Care: May Lindstrom

If there’s someone on your holiday shopping list that’s been especially good to you this year, this is the perfect pampering gift: a totally natural, all-purpose, incredibly healing beauty balm concentrate. It’s packed with organic camellia seed oil, raw shea butter, and blue tansy oil—and isn’t it just about the most glamorous beauty product you’ve ever laid eyes on?


May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon, $160, maylindstrom.com

Skin Care:French GirlOrganics

Made with locally-sourced ingredients from a Seattle farm, French Girl skin care products are organic, vegan, and acknowledge the fact that at the end of the day, most of us just want to be (or at least look like) Charlotte Gainsbourg. This neroli cleanser smells like heaven and features ingredients like rooibos tea extract and activated charcoal for a soothing yet thorough cleanse.

French Girl Organics Cleansing Wash, $32, anthropologie.com Shop other French Girl Organics products on domino.com.

Fragrance: Lurk

Sleek packaging, innovative scents, and an amusing name is a winning combination. There is just so much delight to be found in Lurk, a fragrance brand made with 100-percent essential oils and zero chemicals or preservatives. ASO1 perfume oil is a mix of fresh florals (rose and tuberose) and sultry cedar for a fresh yet seductive scent that’s perfect for holiday party season.


Lurk ASO1 Perfume Oil, $58, lurkmade.com

Nails: RMS

By this point, it’s old news that makeup artist  Rose-Marie Swift’s products are so good (and so pure) that they’re basically a national treasure—but I want to specifically make a plug for her incredibly fantastic nail polishes. Seriously, go check out that list of all of the commonly-found-in-nail-polish chemicals that Swift has managed to leave out of this formula (including some known carcinogens—yikes!). Forget three-free or five-free; this nail polish is basically as non-toxic as it gets. And the formula is impressively long-lasting.

RMS Nail Polish, $15, rmsbeauty.com

Fragrance: Earth Tu Face

Earth Tu Face may be known for its natural yet effective skin care products, but my jaw dropped when I saw this absurdly gorgeous perfume compact. The Jasmine Balm blends pure jasmine oils with organic safflower oil, raw beeswax, and plant-derived vitamin E, and it’s all housed in a shell compact that’s just so pretty. Even after the perfume is gone, this is one compact you’re sure to hold onto—use it as a ring dish, perhaps?


Earth Tu Face Jasmine Balm, $78, earthtuface.com

Home: MCMC

I’ve always been a huge fan of MCMC’s fragrances and perfume oils (their Maine fragrance is one of my favorites, ever—think beachy, salty roses and herbs), so I was thrilled to see that they launched two new home fragrances. Made with 100% botanical ingredients (meaning no synthetics, preservatives, or parabens), these sprays come in two scents: super-fresh Sea Glass and citrusy-floral Desert Rose. But, all of that aside, I’m especially obsessed with these fragrant sprays for a totally superficial reason: they will look damn good in my bathroom.

MCMC Sea Glass Atmosphere Mist, $38, mcmcfragrances.com