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According to Miranda Kerr, there are three things that make a home: “Flowers, framed photos, and crystals,” says the model, mother, Kora beauty boss, and photography enthusiast (of the aforementioned images). As of last fall, the Aussie added another credit to her ever-growing list of bona fides: furniture designer. Her debut collection for Universal Furniture is a mix of gemstone-like geometric shapes and romantic mid-century–inspired pieces fittingly named Miranda Kerr Home Love. Joy. Bliss.

At Kerr’s bright and airy Malibu house, which she shares with her three sons and her husband, Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel, those emotions—and her creations—are also omnipresent. Her overlapping hexagon coffee tables in the living room set the stage for family games of Monopoly. At her gold-capped dining table, she often serves up her famous slow-roasted chicken, a dish she cooked for her husband at their 30-person wedding. “I really am such a lover of home, and a personal space can help us feel comforted and at ease,” she says. “My hope is that these pieces uplift.” Here’s how she incorporates them into her own surroundings.

Rethink a Piece’s Purpose

Photography by Nino Muñoz

Kerr doesn’t believe in strict rules for where to put—or how to use—a particular piece of furniture. A nightstand could easily step in as a side table, and a hallway console can act as a place to store sweaters in a closet. She even knows someone whose daughter repurposed a Love. Joy. Bliss. bar cabinet into bedroom storage. “Anything’s possible!” she notes.

Blooming Lovely

Photography by Nino Muñoz

Kerr’s other trick for toning down geometric forms: bouquets of free-flowing flowers, big and small.

Take a Geometry Lesson

Photography by Nino Muñoz

Because Kerr couldn’t embed actual crystals into her furniture pieces for Universal Furniture (it was simply too impractical), she did the next best thing: designed tables and mirrors in angular silhouettes that mimic her beloved gems. (She’s been known to keep a heart-opening rose quartz in her bra.) To soften up the linear look, she brings in personality with homemade artwork by her sons.

Zen Zone

Photography by Nino Muñoz

One thing you won’t find in Kerr’s bedroom—a television: “It’s so nice to keep it as a sacred space for sleeping and reading.”

Home Tours photo
Windmere Etagere by Love. Joy. Bliss. Miranda Kerr Home, Universal Furniture ($925)

Put It in Neutral

Photography by Nino Muñoz

Three boys, a dog—and a pristinely white sofa? Kerr swears that neutral tones hide dirt better than moodier shades. “I have a piece that’s dark green, and it shows so much more dust than the cream one does,” she says.

Photography by Nino Muñoz

Plus she points out that when items are in the shame shade, it allows for their unique textures—like a wood grain or a fuzzy fabric—to pop.

Watch Miranda Kerr take you inside her Malibu home

Prop Styling by Merisa Libbey; Wardrobe Styling by Milka Prica; Hair and Makeup by Ericka Verrett.