Published on January 27, 2021

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Because she’s not traveling right now, Domino associate style editor Julia Stevens likes to let her mind do the wandering instead—and lately it’s landed on her ideal dining room. In her fantasy Mediterranean villa, it’s always Aperol Spritz hour and her table overlooks the big blue sea. Here’s how she’d fill the rest of her dream space. 

A Twist on Open Shelving

What a shame to hide your dishes in a cupboard. Technically a gardening shelf, this piece has the perfect surface area to act as a buffet, too.

For Serving Up Style

Just imagine doling out a crunchy fennel salad on sunny hand-painted plates.

Killer Waves

Playful, whimsical, modern, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. These are at the top of my “When I Grow Up” wish list.

The Next Big Thing in Pottery

Spongeware ceramics offers a fun farmhouse feel. Dare I say it’s the new Splatterware?

Make an Outline

This Balineum collection stands out in a crowd of hand-painted tiles, even if it’s used as a trim.

A Material That’s Like a Fine Wine

There’s something freeing about an oak table that only improves with age. Bring on the candle drippings.

Precious Metal

Curved wrought iron and a style-forward silhouette make for the be-all and end-all of dining chairs.

Easy Being Green

Somewhere between a cabana stripe and a classic palm print, this textile adds greenery when fresh flowers aren’t around.


A woven light fixture keeps the vacation vibes alive, even in the middle of winter. I’d install it with a dimmer for moody dinners.

It’s Lit

Tamegroute pottery, named after its Moroccan birthplace, looks great against any color candle.

Cocktail Hour Champ

This wood cutting board looks like it’s been passed down through generations, and everyone knows that all good dinner parties start with a cheese board.

Clear Winners

Sure, colored glass is fun, but there’s nothing like a classic design to let your orange wine shine through.

The It Bag of the Season

A picnic-friendly caddy is necessary for when you spontaneously decide to take your dinner party down to the beach.

Your Menu, Sorted

I love rustic Italian-style dinners, and this book, which celebrates the restaurant’s 25th year, is full of inspiration.

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