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Is matcha worth the hype? We think so! The bitter green tea may be unusual, but it also adds a great boost to lots of different foods. Give it a try with one of these recipes.
matcha green tea gnocchi
Who knew that matcha and pasta were a match made in heaven? (Or a matcha made in heaven. Ha!)

matcha sugar dusted churros Can’t make it to the street fair this year? Make your own churros and add a little zing with this recipe by A Cozy Kitchen.

pineapple matcha vegan gummies  Store-bought gummies are delicious, but all the ingredients in them can be a little scary. Make these vegan ones with a bit of caffeine by The Crunchy Chronicles.

baked matcha glazed donuts There can never be too many donut flavors. Consider matcha a new favorite.

matcha green bubble tea We’ll take our matcha with tapioca in bubble tea form. Here’s to enjoying things the way they should be.

matcha marshmallows Drop these babies in a hot drink (like tea!) and happily melt into your day.

baymax matcha pudding This snack is about as adorable as a Pixar movie, and that’s no small feat.

matcha green tea truffles White chocolate and matcha make for one seriously delicious pair and these decadent truffles are simply proof.

matcha chocolate bark Looking for something unique for the holidays this year? Look no further than this take on chocolate bark by Healthy Nibbles and Bits.

matcha croissants Thirsty For Tea’s semi-sweet chocolate addition may be optional, but it’s mandatory for us.

matcha smoothie bowl If you’re searching for a vibrant, Instagrammable breakfast, take a cue from Honestly Yum.

green tea madeleine Can’t make it to Dominique Ansel? Bake your own hot, fresh madeleines and get your caffeine fix at the same time.

cocoa & matcha tea challah This braided bread is gorgeous, fluffy, and full of flavor combos that’ll delight your friends.

matcha mochi yogurt pops Need a playful pick-me-up in the afternoons? Skip a candy bar and bite into one of these sweet, tart, and chewy bars.

matcha pie  If you’re not squeamish about green foods, this pie will make a lovely addition to your Thanksgiving spread. A less bitter version of matcha makes it palatable and dessert-y. (That’s a word, right?)

matcha (green tea) latte granita Matcha, sweetened condensed milk, icy crunch… does it get any better?

matcha breakfast brûlée Make like Amélie and find the joy in cracking the top of this delicious dessert.

coconut matcha energy bars Here’s a new recipe for your Sunday food prep. Whip these up and take them with you on-the-go in the mornings.

easy matcha oreos Why these don’t already exist we’ll never know, but you’ll never go back to regular Oreos once you’ve made this cream.

spicy matcha margaritas Of course we included happy hour in this list. Matcha isn’t just for mornings!