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Living rooms tend to follow the same formula: sofa, coffee table, media console—with everything pointed toward the television. But what if you rarely spend time in front of the TV? (You’re more of a Hulu-on-your-laptop person.) What if you’re the avid entertainer in your friend group, constantly playing host to game night? What if you live in a really small space and can barely fit a couch as it is? The arrangement of your living room should be conducive to your lifestyle, not the other way around. 

To give you a better idea of what we’re getting at here, we partnered with flat-pack furniture brand Burrow to tackle this common decorating woe. Its modular sofas and armchairs can be easily configured to fit your space, no tools necessary. With a little thoughtful maneuvering and a few adaptable pieces, you can personalize your space to best fit your needs.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

If your space is a living room/office/dining room in one…

When you’re lacking square footage—studio dwellers, we’re looking at you—sticking a sofa in the middle of the room probably isn’t your best bet, even if it’s in an effort to section off the living area from the “bedroom.” Whether you’re working with a sectional or a love seat, position it against the wall, which allows a wide-open space in the middle. 

Relegate your TV to the opposite wall of the room, or forfeit the tube-and-stand combo altogether. Instead, outfit the empty wall with a bold piece of art or a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf for some welcome storage.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

If you’re a Netflix junkie…

You love to indulge in the latest season of whatever binge-worthy show is the flavor of the month, so a comfortable sofa, plus an additional seat on the side, is key. Everyone should have a spot to lounge! 

Position the furniture to face the wall that will house your flat-screen—extra points if you’re lucky enough to be working with a fireplace, as well. Prop a side table adjacent to the seating area, to hold the remote (and a glass of wine). A coffee table in the center for the popcorn bowl completes the look.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

If spontaneous is your middle name…

You’re constantly rearranging things based on whatever is happening that night—the more pieces you have to work with, the better. This layout is all about versatility. In lieu of springing for a sofa, think along the lines of an armchair chaise and a lounge chair with an easy-to-move ottoman. Instead of a standard coffee table, opt for a long, narrow one that can double as an extra seat when needed.

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