four days in food with claire of the kitchy kitchen

claire thomas takes us to toronto, and it's delicious.

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Hello. My name is Claire Thomas and I’m an unabashed food enthusiast. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have turned food into an intellectual and grumbling-stomach driven passion. A self-taught chef, coupled with my incurable curiosity about food has pushed me to taste, create, and study anything and everything. My blog, The Kitchy Kitchen, is my experimental playground. There, you’ll find all of my favorite recipes, fun DIY projects, and videos from myYouTube channel. I also love documenting my daily adventures on Instagram, and Snapchat (@KitchyKitchen1).

When I’m not writing about and photographing food, I work as commercial director—which recently took me to one of my most favorite food cities, Toronto! The combination of myriad cultural references with youthful exuberance leads to some very fun, very delicious surprises. While I was there, I did my very first #KitchyMeetUp event—which was a nerve-wracking experience (what if nobody shows up?!?) that turned into a lovely day spent chatting with local fans about our favorite thing: food. I also made time to eat and drink at all of my favorite local spots while I was in town because, priorities. Check out my Instagram snaps at #KitchyinToronto for all of my Toronto favorites. Happy eating!

day 1

BREAKFAST: coffee + donuts from rose and sons Good morning, blueberry compote and mascarpone doughnuts!

Learn how to make your own Strawberry Glazed Brown Butter / Buttermilk Donuts at home!

LUNCH: a cubano from la cubana Rainy day lunch vibes at @lacubana_to.

DINNER: lamb chops from mamakas One of my must-haves in #toronto, @mamakastavernalamb chops over tabulah. Pass the pita!

DESSERT: bang bang ice cream and bakery I came, I saw, I bang bang-ed. Two green flavors in an HK style waffle cone. Can you guess the usually savory flavors?

day 2

BREAKFAST: bicerin and biscotti from soma Biscotti and not a coffee—any guesses on what kind of decadence I’m sipping on?

LUNCH: veal sandwich from california sandwiches Things are about to get messy! @californiasandwiches!

DINNER: bar raval meat and cheese from bar raval Savory dreams compliments of @bar_raval!

DESSERT: matcha cheesecake from uncle tetsu Japanese cheesecake. It’s ridiculous! Like a soufflé and cheesecake had a baby—and even better when it’s matcha flavored.

Claire knows how to make a mean cheesecake, too. Check out her recipe for Greek Yogurt Cheesecake.

day 3

BREAKFAST: egg tarts and coffee from venezia bakery I brought treats! Portuguese egg tarts. Excited for the meet up today, but be warned, show up early or I would have eaten all of them.

LUNCH: afternoon tea at kitten and bear Such a darling place to spend an afternoon sipping tea and sampling four kinds of jam with the most delicious, crusty, fluffy buttermilk scones. What a treasure!

DINNER: attending a dinner party with my friend jenn! The perfect summer meal with one of my favorite #Toronto foodies! Thank you @jennbartoli for the fun night! Make sure to check out her feed for more delicious photos, this girl knows how to slay a summer dinner party for two!

day 4

BREAKFAST: the burger melt from rose and sons I’m not hungover, but if I was… this Burger melt with fries seems like a pretty good idea!

Check out Claire’s recipe for The Grilled Everything Burger to satisfy your cravings from the comfort of your own home.

LUNCH: mexican street corn from la carnita A taste of home in the great north! Love eating elote no matter where I am! Thanks, @la_carnita!

DESSERT: lemon coconut crumble soft serve from sweet jesus Sunny little afternoon treat from my fav, @SweetJesus. Lemon coconut crumble soft serve.

DINNER: dinner and drinks at branca Dinner and drinks at @branca_restaurant – the most delicious Argentinian steakhouse in the trendy dundas west area. Their cocktail, the FM, is the best—late harvest riesling and campari over ice!