Published on October 30, 2015


A captivating setup with just the right touch of color and fearless style. 


A glimpse inside a contemporary space that epitomizes less is more.


Because one can never truly have enough plants or greens. 


We can’t think of a more suitable shelf for the whimsically eclectic free-spirit.


We’d give anything for a nail polish collection as chic as this. Bonus point for an organizational system that channels the Zodiac. 


An exclusive palette of inspired hues complement the natural textures of this wall-mounted shelf.


Pops of color, overflowing greens, and a graphic print to catch the eye. It just doesn’t get any better than this. 


A refined palette of muted tones lend a Scandi-inspired touch to this whitewashed space. 


This just might be the medicine cabinet of our dreams. 


There’s nothing quite like a whitewashed space decked with a handful of brightly colored, textured accents. 


Who doesn’t love a shelf that doubles as a decorative accent? Its coveted contents are just an added bonus. 


What’s a home bar without a vibrant splash of color and sleek, metallic accents?


This effortless pairing of a marbled planter and rose copper votive evokes a captivating note of pure simplicity. 


Parisian accents lend an inspired touch to this streamlined case. 


Just a few of life’s simplest pleasures, styled to perfection on this modern shelf. 


Rose copper accents steal the spotlight in this ultra chic setup. 


Clean-cut desert florals and bright, wood accents lend a dreamy touch to this stylish shelf. 


It’s modern simplicity at its best, with a subtle hint of color for some much-needed contrast. 


Rustic meets modern in this eclectically detailed space. 


A simply perfect pairing of blush-toned accents and a stunning, marble backdrop.


A fearless combo of the most daring elements and a bag with punch that steals the show.